Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to My Community

The election is over; voters have made their decision. Congratulations to Mayor Wade and all twelve Toledo city council members. This is a new day. Your challenge to lead has never been greater.
Toledo’s central city has become a scene from the “wild wild west.” The violence, now this day there have been 60 murders, coupled with a few drug over doses.  I believe we have a problem.In the event you missed a recent news item, the song “Respect” by the late Aretha Franklin has been slated as the number one song of all time.  Do we realize the impact of what that means? Respect means a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements; due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others or by contrast, “young people’s lack of respect for their parents.” This can be the beginning, one word, RESPECT.

As one of the older residents of Toledo’s central city, I remember how good it used to be. In addition to respect, we had love for one another. There was a gentleman, his name was Lucius Huntley, and he had a vision. He established with a couple of other people, The Belmont Enterprise, that was the hallmark in the central city for us all.  There was a roller skating rink, a bowling alley, fun and the place to be.

Today, we have nothing of that sort in the central city. Mr. Huntley did not stop, he moved that vision to Junction Avenue, to  what,I believe, was named the Red Carpet lounge.  Another place to be, enjoy fellowship and each other. This period we are living is a “wake up” call, and it begins with our leaders. There are alternatives to the violence and neglect that currently exists in the central city, and other neighborhoods that have been abandoned, and need attention.

To Mayor Wade, the District Council representatives – Vanice Williams and Johnny Hobbs; the at large members, Cerssandra McPherson and  Dr. Tiffany M. Preston-Whitman; this past election became a mandate from residents, young people and all, needing economic development, quality education, recreation and whatever it takes to make a community whole again, and prepare a place for the future for our children, grandchildren, and anyone who deserves better.

The future belongs to our young.

Economic development is paramount in creating facilities that we can enjoy, and jobs to elevate residents in our community. Improvements need to be made block by block, alley by alley. In the rear of my home in the alley, there are at least 15 craters or more when driving over, it seems like a mountain/valley encounter.

Do not neglect the leadership skills of former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner; he can become a vital part of the “renaissance” needed in our central city.  Like him or not, it is not about any one individual it is about
rebuilding a community. Call on him, it is now or never.

Toledo was once designated as an “All American city. We can again achieve the honor, by bringing people together, and having an awareness of what can be done and the willingness of us all to make it happen.
Lastly, voter Suppression; it is real and alive; please do not succumb to the threat of denying one’s right to vote, it is happening. however, it is up to all prospective voters aged 17 and over to either register for the first time, and or check your status as a registered voter and  be prepared for 2022.

The bad guys do not want you to vote.  Defy them and vote as though your lives depend on it, and it does.

June Boyd