Mayor Unveils 2022 Budget and Staff Organization Plans

Acting Finance Director Melanie Campbell explains budget proposal

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz held a press conference on Monday, November 15, to introduce his 2022 budget proposal and to unveil a new personnel organization chart that describes the moves a variety of management personnel will undertake in the mayor’s second term.

“The 2022 proposed budget revenues total $890 million and expenditures total $883 million with a general fund budget of approximately $279.1 million,” said Kapszukiewicz, introducing the overall figures for the budget which will be presented soon to City Council for approval.

Some of the highlights he mentioned are: “our commitment to grow the size of the safety forces … more road repairs breaking last years record … investment in fixing damaged sidewalks … training and development of the workforce … tools and equipment for the safety forces.”

The budget proposal is balanced, he noted, and expected to have a total of $35 million in the “rainy day fund” at the end of the next fiscal year.

The mayor announced that the police department, which had 602 officers two years ago, will have 647 by the end of 2022 and 700 by 2025. The fire department will be adding 80 new firefighters for a total of 595 by the end of 2022.

Fire Chief, soon-to-be- Safety Director Brian Byrd

The budget proposes the repair of 152 roads and over 60 land miles, including the completion of Anthony Wayne Trail.

Personnel shifts will also be presented to City Council for approval. Instead of a chief of staff, a position that was filled for three of the mayor’s four years in office by Katie Crosby, who left to take a position in North Carolina, two of the people who reported to Crosby are being elevated to deputy mayor positions. Abby Arnold and Karen Moore will handle administration and direct services areas, respectively.

Within the Administration area are two new departments – the Department of Transportation led by Doug Stephens – promoted from his commissioner position – and the Department of Parks and Youth Services, headed Joe Fausnaugh, joining the City from Metroparks.

In the Direct Services are, Fire Chief Brian Byrd will be promoted to Safety Director. Byrd has to retire from his current position because of his length of service with the City. In his new position, Byrd, along with newly appointed Deputy Safety Director Angel Tucker (currently a police officer in Oregon, OH) will oversee the police and fire forces along with the Save Our Community group under JoJuan Armour’s direction.

The Department of Neighborhoods has now morphed into the Department of Housing and Community Development. Rosalyn Clemens will remain the director.