Why You Should Step Up Your Self-Care Game During the Holiday Season

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While the holiday season is full of fun, festivities and meaningful time spent with family and friends, it’s often accompanied by work and school deadlines, tedious to-do lists and shopping stress. Here are a few reasons to step up your self-care routine during this busy period so you can usher in the new year, happily and healthily:

Catch Some Z’s

The holidays come on the heels of the end of Daylight Saving Time, and your body may still be adjusting to the time change. Plus, with all the commitments of the season, you may be more likely to be pulling early mornings and late nights. These factors combined could be leaving you feeling drowsy during the day. Even more concerning, lack of sleep over time can contribute to a number of chronic health issues. Set yourself up for greater alertness and better health this winter by carving out time for sufficient, high-quality sleep. Having trouble nodding off? Check out sleep aid apps that offer soundtracks, guided meditation and breathing exercises.

Gain Smile Confidence

According to a 2020 Cigna Dental Report, smile satisfaction is one of the top three drivers of self confidence among U.S. adults. So while practicing good oral care and maintaining a solid beauty and self-care routine is always important, it’s especially so during a time of year when you may be eating extra sweets and smiling more for the camera.

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The many innovative features of an Oral-B iO toothbrush, which include a pressure sensor that helps guide optimal brushing to protect gums and teeth, will help ensure you get a purifying, clean feel like you just left the dentist. In fact, 96% of Oral-B iO users feel more confident about their oral health when using an iO brush. To learn more, visit oralb.com.

Reduce Stress

The holidays are supposed to be fun, and yet, stress often creeps its way into the festivities. To be more present for all the joyful moments the season has to offer, keep your stress levels in check by prioritizing a bit of “me time” each day. Whether you use that time to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood, check out that fitness class you’ve been wanting to try or to curl up with a good book, you’ll be giving your mind and spirit the mental refresh that it needs.

During the season of giving, don’t neglect your own needs. For greater health and happiness, give your beauty and self-care routine a tune-up over the holidays.

Courtesy StatePoint