A Journey Through Healing Hosts Healing for Holidays Program

Rev. Le Roy Williams

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Healing for the Holidays, a program of A Journey Through Healing, provides an opportunity for attendees to grieve. Individuals, couples, children, families and grandparents filled the sanctuary at St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church, where the program was held on Saturday, December 3.

The program opened with a welcome from Maynard Porter, scripture reading presented by Evangelist Beverly Lyles, musical solo selections by Arthur Bishop and Nicole Wilson, and a reading delivered by Pastor Carletta Williams.

“That’s how I made it though, I called my grief the new normal,” shared Williams.

According to Oxford Dictionary, grief is defined as deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death. Portions of the program gave space for attendees to grieve, understand the grieving process and seek resources. Chaplin Beatrice Daniels, A Journey Through Healing’s director, shared healing words of reflection.

Bea Daniels

“I’m happy that you are here for our 19th annual memorial service. Every year we have a different group of people who are now apart of a club, because we’re in this together, we’re all dealing with a broken heart through our tears. The candles are different sizes, because grief is different for each of us. Walk with your loved one, this is your process,” said Daniels.

The service concluded with the blessing of candles that were given to each attendee. Attendees were asked to call out the name of the person they are grieving, before lighting a candle in remembrance of that individual. The service closed with an Altar Prayer and fellowship meal, and Rev. Le Roy Williams was the service leader.

A Journey Through Healing, Inc. seeks to provide the tools to help you travel through your grief and loss. They facilitate to caregivers, bereaved individuals, and families in the community on how to promote an awareness of grief and the needs of grieving people, providing support to both the bereaved and those who grieve through experience by facilitating the tools that are needed to get through the journey of healing.

Beatrice Daniels is a licensed chaplain and a trauma and grief management coach who specializes in one-on-one sessions, group settings and community presentations that focus on grief and loss. The organization is a 501(c3), contact beatricedan@msn.com. Current board members: Jennifer Bembry, Marya Czech, Jacqueline Jackson, Diana Labiche, PhD, C.E. Savage, M.L. Sneed, Norman Bell, Sr, honorary board member, and T.C. Young Communications Advisor.