Letter to the Editor /Guest Editorial

June Boyd


Another teen has been murdered; the violence continues; unfortunately, it is going to be that way unless someone or something is watching.

In fairness to Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, a sincere effort has been made to stop the violence through his violence interrupters. However, having been a part of the Coalition to Stop the Violence committee organized the by four former mayors: Mike Bell, Carty Finkbeiner, Paula Hicks-Hudson and
Donna Owens; some prominent ministers: Bishop Chester Trail, Father Francis Gallagher, Sister Virginia Welsh and mothers of murdered children and residents who have had enough, we would like for our voices to be heard.

This group has worked tirelessly and sincere; and proposed a plan to  help alleviate the crime and violence. Years ago, the city of Toledo had over 200 block watch organizations led by former Toledo city council member Alice Lykowski and continued with a strong presence by Liz Pierson.  More recently, when the nine month old baby was shot and killed for a bullet meant for her father, on Jackman Road, the good news from the tragedy is that a resident had a ring camera on the porch which identified the shooter who is now serving time for the murder.

Murder is not a political issue; it is a final deadly tragedy. The Coalition submitted a request to the city of Toledo administration to re-establish block watch in our neighborhoods and furnish ring cameras to any resident willing to participate in fighting crime which could help in identifying killers.  The proposal was ignored.

We must all come together in order to work to resolve this horrific murder problem we are having as is much of the nation. Maybe the violence interrupters can begin recruiting block watch leaders and help to put a reduction to this dilemma.  Anyone willing to participate and protect their neighborhood should get a ring camera which is a sure way to catch a bad guy.

This effort can and will be the key to bringing a halt to so many shootings.  A community continually saddened by too many murders and too many young people involved.  We must come together as a community; It is up to us.

June Boyd