Easter Books for Kids by various authors

c.2024, various publishers   
$12.99 – $18.99
various page counts

By Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Truth Contributor      

How do you know when it’s spring?

The robins suddenly make an appearance in your back yard. The flowers begin to poke their heads from the ground and in the stores. Mom and Dad start making garden plans and Grandpa finds his garden shears. Trees begin thinking about sprouting leaves, the temperature rises, and the sun feels nice on your face. The calendar helps, too, because it tells you when it’s Easter. So why not get a hop on things and read these great Easter books?

Chances are, you know all about the Easter Bunny. You can guess what he looks like, what he wears, and what he eats. But what if you make a mistake? In I am NOT the Easter Bunny! by T.L. McBeth (Flamingo Books, $12.99), a “regular bunny” sure looks like the real thing. He acts like the Easter Bunny. He wears a plaid vest and bow-tie, he hops along a trail, he carries a basket, he buys eggs at the grocery store and then he paints them! He swears he’s absolutely not the Easter Bunny, but who’s he kidding? Not your three-to-five-year-old! This is the kind of book that’s so much fun and so funny, you won’t mind reading it all year ’round.

Sometimes, there’s more to someone than meets the eye, especially when it comes to cute. In The Cutest Brave Little Bunny by Joy Steuerwald (Nancy Paulsen Books, $18.99), a cute little “fluffle” of bunnies is born on the farm one day. They’re all so cute and that littlest one is especially so – although he swears he’s not! He’s absolutely not cute. He’s brave, resourceful, smart, and well, he’s kind of mean. Is it possible to be brave and resourceful and smart and fun… and nice, too? This story is adorable and a little bit sassy, and your 3-to-6-year-old will love knowing how it ends.

And finally, what’s Easter without a new Easter outfit to wear to church? In Elijah’s Easter Suit by Brentom Jackson, illustrated by Emmanuel Boateng (Doubleday Books for Young Readers, $18.99), a young boy wants to get a shout-out from his pastor and the adults in his church for wearing the best outfit – but how? He starts at the department store uptown, but nothing looks “quite right.” He searches at the local thrift store, but he gets the same results. Even the oldest store in town disappoints him. Then Mama Green and Mr. Brown tell Elijah how they used to find their Easter outfits, and that gives him an idea. What makes an Easter outfit great? Kids ages seven to nine will love this sweet story and the great illustrations.

If these books aren’t enough – or if you’re looking for something for an older child, a teen, or for your own Easter basket, then hop on over to your favorite bookstore or library. You’ll find all kinds of helpers there, who can put the right book directly in your paws. They know the perfect book to make your little bunny the hoppiest this Easter.