Good Friday Service at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church

The Truth Staff

Religious leaders from around the city joined Rev. Cedric Brock and the congregation of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church for Good Friday service on April 7 at noon, during which the leaders expounded on “The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Damon Horton, of Corinth Baptist, opened the Good Friday Service with a message from Luke 23:34 (“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”).

After a musical selection, Pastor Marquisha Horton, also of Corinth Baptist, followed with another quote from Luke 23:43 (“You will be with Me in Paradise”). Pastor Timothy Clark of Harvest Christian Center addressed the congregation about a quote from John 19:26,27 (“Woman, behold your son”).

The music ministry performer again and Bishop Darrell Sheares of Darrell Sheares Ministry spoke of Matthew 26:46 (“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”)

After the offering, Bishop Michael Carter of The Well Church addressed John 19:28 (“I thirst”), followed by another music ministry selection and Bishop Christopher Rowell and John 19:30 (It is finished”).

Bishop Tony Winfree and Luke 23:46 expressed the final words of Christ on the cross (“Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit”).

The host pastor, Cedric Brock, completed the Good Friday Service with the Invitation-Benediction.