Bishop McKinstry and Worship Center Adopt a School

James Smith, Brenda Kynard-Holsey, Teresa Allen, Bishop Pat McKinstry, Cheria Bowie-Linzy

The Truth Staff

Bishop Pat McKinstry believes that one path forward in helping youngsters find their right path is to increase the involvement of churches in the schools in their communities. To that end, Worship Center has adopted a school right around the corner – or at least right down the street – from its own location on Collingwood.

Scott High School is the beneficiary of the church congregation’s desire to have a positive impact. This year, McKinstry and her flock have provided a grand Thanksgiving dinner to the freshman class – the class with the best attendance record; they have provided outfits for the school’s cheerleaders and, this past week, they brought in Famous Dave’s restaurant to once again thank the freshman class for maintaining the best attendance record.

“If we do this in every community, we will stop trouble and reward students’ goodness,” said Bishop McKinstry as she prepared to do just that last Thursday April 6 in the school’s auxiliary gym.

Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que supplied the ribs, chicken wings, sausage, mac n cheese and corn on the cob, among other goodies, for the freshmen and teaching staff to enjoy.

Bishop McKinstry and members of her congregation, joined by Suzette Cowell of the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union, served the luncheon guests. All in the interest of “rewarding goodness,” said McKinstry.