Men of Distinction Welcome MLK Students Back to School

Terry Crosby and Sheila Cook

After more than a year of uncertainty, shut down classrooms and virtual learning, the students of MLK Academy for Boys finally made it back into the classroom on Wednesday, August 18, when, just as before the pandemic, they were greeted and welcomed by some of Toledo’s men of distinction.

Among the men, of course, were Principal Willie Ward and TPS Superintendent Romules Durant, EdD.

Sheila Annette Cook, MLK Academy Community/Family Resource & Outreach Representative said:

“This was our seventh year for our Men of Distinction, First Day of School
‘Meet and Greet.’

TPS Superintendent Romules Durant, EdD, and MLK Principal Willie Ward

“Although it started to rain, our men stayed the course and in position
awaiting the arrival of our students. The men not only come for the first
day of school, but they become mentors for our students as well.

“We were so excited to have Taylor Kia/Hyundai, the Rotary Club, various
members from our district in attendance, and this year, Brad Fields of
Nettys supplied all of students with lunch! This was a day of
celebration not only for our students, but for our teachers and staff as