People, Politics, Primaries and Results

John Warren

By John E. Warren, Publisher, San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper
Guest Column

Now that the New Year is fully underway, MLK celebrations are over and Black History is on the horizon, let us not forget that the “Political Season” is also upon us with primaries and special elections.

While conservative White America has reviewed that racism is more important than law and democracy, through the Iowa caucuses overwhelming endorsement of Donald Trump for another term as president of the United States, alarms should be sounding for those of use who still believe that Joe Biden is the lawful president of the United States and that Donald Trump is both dangerous and should probably be in jail as well as bared under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, from running for office again.

Let’s be very clear. America is in a crisis of leadership and laws. The caucuses and primaries will determine which candidate receives the required number of delegate votes by the time of the Party Conventions to compete for the presidency under our two-party system.

With the high frustration with Biden over the border crisis and unrelated influx of migrants, more people could be encouraged to vote for Trump just to close the borders. Instead of complaining about the failure of the Republicans in the House and Senate to act on border legislation, Biden could order federal troops to close the entire border until such legislative action is taken.

He could also federalize the National Guard in Texas, taking authority for their use away from the Governor who has used them to lock out federal border agents seeking to deal with migrants. Biden could also take a firm stance with Israel on the Palestinian crisis in Gaza and he needs to find a way to help Ukraine so that Russia does not win this war outright.

The frustration with Biden and Trump, could lead to a third-party candidate which would all but guarantee that Trump would be elected, whether or not he gets the “Orange Jumpsuit” that will come with a conviction if he loses in federal court.

In California, we are just a little over 40 days away from our State Primary. and other state primaries follow. Every ballot position is important from local City Council seats to the State, U.S. House of Representatives positions and White House.

Now is the time to determine if the candidates who are promising to solve all our problems, line up with our personal needs and interests.  Are you registered to vote? Do you remember Dr. King’s 1957 speech in which he said: “Give us the ballot and we will elect the people needed” Or do you remember the struggle for both the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act and the price for those freedoms?

Well, now is pay up with the use of our rights to vote; with the use of our ability to examine the issues and the ability to see that America is truly divided by race and color and that to a minority of Whites, the fear of race is greater than the respect for the Constitution and the laws we agreed to live by. The failure to register and vote is like expecting to win the lottery without buying a lottery ticket.

Let’s not vote personalities like voters in the Iowa caucuses did. Let’s look toward the much-needed results and put pressure on both the parties and the people that we think can save America and our allies.