Moira “Fingaz” Frazier: A Luminary in the Dazzling World of Hollywood Hairstyling

By Asia Nail
The Truth Reporter

In the dazzling world of Hollywood hairstyling, Moira “Fingaz” Frazier has emerged as a luminary, recently nominated for an Emmy as the Department Head of Hair for Abbott Elementary. Her journey from Toledo to Tinseltown mirrors the transformative power of her craft.

Moira’s extravagant hairstyles, a testament to her swift hands earning her the moniker “Fingaz,” is a product of the vibrant salon culture right here in Toledo. “The salon is not just a place for hair but a hub of stories. I’ll never forget all the good times shared with my mom at Mixed Company Hair Salon back in the 90s,” shares Frazier. “Watching my mom weave her magic, shaped me into the hairstylist I am today.”

With a touch of nostalgia, Frazier harkens back to those special salon days in Ohio, where teachers sought refuge in hair care. From Abbot Elementary’s character Barbara’s chic side-bang to Janine’s embrace of natural curls, Frazier paints a picture of empowerment and freedom, bringing the salon world onscreen for teachers to relate to the masses.

“In my world of contemporary hairstyling, there is a misconception surrounding the craft’s complexity.” Fingaz explains, “There is a delicate balance of making hairstyles both aesthetically pleasing and character-driven in the world of TV and film.”

Today, Frazier weaves tales of past, present, and future, not with words, but with hair. As personal stylist to luminaries like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Nicole Byer, she transforms strands into narratives, crafting a visual symphony that resonates through the realms of beauty and individuality.

Her nomination for Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling is a testament to the impact of black hairstyling in the entertainment industry. Fingaz, along with her dedicated team, acknowledges the collaborative effort that makes hair excellence possible.

“As the news of our nomination unfolded, I felt a surge of emotions,” says Frazier. “When my husband delivered the news, all I could do was cry and thank God!” As Moira checked her cellphone to see the nomination with her own eyes, the weight of recognition for her tireless work and sleepless nights washed away, affirming that consistency and dedication do indeed pay off in the end.

Navigating the challenges of a fast-paced 22-episode show like Abbott Elementary, Fingaz emphasizes the importance of having an exceptional team. She unveils instances where last-minute changes demanded quick thinking and immediate action, highlighting the resilience and creativity demanded by the entertainment industry.

Despite the demands of celebrity hairstyling, Fingaz’s infectious enthusiasm shines through as she shares stories of overcoming challenges, acknowledging the invaluable lessons she’s learned along the way. “From unexpected script changes to impromptu wig-making sessions, each obstacle is a stepping-stone to greater creativity and accomplishment,” she says.

Beyond the glitz of awards, Fingaz extends her expertise through her Fingaz Beauty Academy. Offering a chance to learn from a celebrity hairstylist, the academy promises insider knowledge, a comprehensive curriculum, and flexibility to suit any schedule. “I love encouraging aspiring stylists to continue their education while elevating their skills to new heights,” says Frazier.

As the spotlight shines on Fingaz it illuminates not only her personal journey but also underscores the profound significance of hair within the black community, intertwining stories, culture, and identity into every strand.

In the black community, hair is much more than a mere adornment – it’s a symbol of identity, culture, and resilience. “As women, our hair is a crown we wear proudly,” explains Frazier. Black hairstyles reflect a rich history of traditions and personal expression. Just as a crown signifies royalty, our hair is our natural crown, embracing a spectrum of textures, styles, and creativity.

From intricate braids to natural curls and afros, each hairstyle carries a narrative. “It’s a celebration of diversity, a connection to our roots, and a declaration of pride,” explains Fingaz. The versatility of black hair is a testament to the versatility of black culture, constantly evolving and adapting while preserving its essence.

Speaking at the Abbott Elementary Panel

The resilience embedded in our hair echoes the resilience of a community that has faced adversity with grace. In a world that often misunderstands or misrepresents black hair, Frazier turns strands into statements!

With an embrace of both her handcrafted wigs and the beauty of natural textures, her styling prowess emerges as a compelling form of empowerment. “Fear and fabulous hair don’t go together,” asserts Frazier. “My goal is to always challenge conventional beauty norms, showcasing a person’s power through their hair.”

Beyond personal expression, hairstyles carry communal significance, too. Hair can signify milestones, cultural events, or even convey a sense of unity within the community. Black hair is a source of connection, with each style telling a story of heritage and shared experiences.

Fingaz, the maestro of strands, explains that each character’s hairdo is a carefully crafted masterpiece, an extension of their unique character’s personality. In this hair saga, Frazier’s journey from Key Hair Stylist to Department Head reads like a novel, a narrative filled with the joy of creative freedom and the ability to showcase her teaching prowess through her team’s diverse hairstyles.

Frazier emphasizes the importance of being prepared, narrating instances where her quick thinking and inventory saved the day. She highlights her team’s commitment to keeping actors’ natural hair healthy and offers simple tips for general hair care. Frazier also genuinely appreciates her relationship with Sheryl Lee Ralph and the care given to male characters on the show.

“We adapt quickly behind the hair scenes and create intentional looks that contribute to the character’s story,” shares Fingaz.

Amidst the scripted chaos of Abbott Elementary, Frazier cherishes the field trip episodes – her personal excursions into the wild of creativity. Yet, the true spectacle lies in her arsenal of over 100 wigs, each a chameleon ready to transform, a testament to Frazier’s mantra: “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

Fingaz and her mother, Michelle Taylor

She recounts tales of urgency, like the impromptu creation of Janine’s sister’s wig, a feat accomplished with swift hands and a sewing machine. The story unfolds like a thrilling drama, where fierce wigs and unexpected challenges are conquered, showcasing Frazier’s ability to think fast and adapt.

Wigs or hair extensions, Frazier is a virtuoso playing both. In the symphony of hairstyling, her versatility shines through – from natural curls to half-up, half-down styles, each note played with the finesse of a seasoned musician.

Frazier’s artistry extends beyond the surface, showcasing her commitment to the well-being of her actors’ natural hair. She employs scalp massagers, formulated creams, and lace melting sprays to ensure that, beyond the whimsical world of wigs, the actors’ hair remains healthy and vibrant.

For those not graced by the hands of trained professionals, Frazier offers a simple yet profound truth – “Moisture!” – a key refrain in the anthem of healthy hair. It’s a reminder that, like any cherished garden, your hair flourishes when tended to with care.

In her role as Sheryl Lee Ralph’s personal stylist, Frazier’s words dance with adoration. “Working with Sheryl is not just a job; it’s an amazing collaboration. It’s truly a match made in Heaven that allows me to create iconic looks for the wise-cracking teacher of Abbott Elementary.”

Fingaz also worked with Sheryl Lee styling her tresses for the 2022 Emmy Awards. Communicating her vision to Sheryl Lee, Fingaz received a hearty response, a laughter-laden acknowledgement from the star herself. “Ha-Ha-Ha, I am prepared to be sick of you and your magic,” Ralph exclaimed in a voice message, embracing the enchantment that Fingaz promised to weave into her hair.

The culmination of this artistic dance unfolded during Sheryl Lee Ralph’s acceptance speech, a moment filled not just with the triumph of her first Emmy nomination and win, but also with the sweet serenade of Diane Reece’s “I am an endangered species…but I sing no victim’s song.” The blinged-out ponytail crafted by Fingaz adorned Ralph, becoming the crown of her victory.

Hair Battle Spectacular TIME SQUARE_ Moira going in for a touch up

In the heart of this historic night, Sheryl Lee Ralph’s hair became the talk of the town, an emblem of Fingaz’s artistry. The ponytail, fit for a queen, radiated regality, a symbol of the collaborative magic between the hairstylist and the star.

Amidst the glimmering lights, Fingaz finds herself blessed by the humility and loyalty of Sheryl Lee Ralph. Every styled strand echoes encouragement and wisdom from the star, who, in her own right, is an advocate for the next generation. “Every time I style her hair, she encourages me, imparting her wisdom. She’s an advocate for the next generation to win!” Fingaz exclaimed, reflecting on their divinely shared crowning moments.

“Divas fix each other’s crowns,” Fingaz says.

Fingaz is not just creating hairstyles; she was scripting history. Sheryl Lee Ralph’s flawless look, a manifestation of Fingaz’s creativity, became the perfect complement to this monumental moment. The blessing was not lost on Fingaz as she marveled at being a part of such an historic juncture.

And let’s not forget the men of “Abbott Elementary,” whose grooming symphony is orchestrated by Dustin Osborne. From massages for Mr. Johnson to durags and creams for Tyler James Williams, the hair magic extends to all, embodying Frazier’s ethos of equal care.

As Frazier unveils the magic behind the curtain, her most remarkable feat is the ability to conjure looks at the last minute. Working closely with Nicole Byer, Frazier finds joy in the fun vibe of their collaboration. From red carpets to shows like Nailed It!, the creative flex is mutual. Shows like the Halloween season of Nailed It! stands as a testament to Frazier’s prowess, where every wig is a manifestation of her artistic brilliance.

“I love creating fantasy hair and have showcased my work in several hair shows both large and small,” shares Fingaz.

With a specialty in hair extensions, Fingaz breathes life into fantastical hairstyles. Inspired by luminaries like John Galliano and captivated by the pages of Vogue and Bazaar, her creativity blossomed into a unique style that caught the eye of Hair Battle Spectacular’s producers.

From the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show’s to the Oxygen Network’s Hair Battle Spectacular, Frazier’s artistry takes different forms, but the common thread is attention to detail. Every curl, every comb stroke tells a story, maintaining the integrity of the character or project.

Moira “Fingaz” Frazier, your Emmy nomination stands as a testament to your exceptional talent and dedication to celebrity hairstyling. Your creative prowess, exemplified by your intricate and imaginative hairstyles, has truly earned you a well-deserved spot among the best hairstylists in the world!  Toledo takes pride in your remarkable achievement. As we extend our heartfelt congratulations, we look forward to witnessing you weave your magic, as you continue to inspire the world with your groundbreaking contributions to the art of hairstyling. Cheers to your extraordinary talent and your well-deserved Emmy nomination!

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