Tips to Support Your Metabolic Health in the New Year

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Good metabolic health is the backbone of great overall health. Unfortunately, many Americans misunderstand what metabolic health is and are not aware of its importance.

A recent poll from Metavo/Harris Poll Study reveals that nearly three in four North Americans have experienced at least one issue related to metabolic health in the past year, while only 52% have heard, read or seen information on metabolic health issues.

What’s more, only 30% of North Americans know that metabolic health is not the same as gut health, and many falsely believe that metabolic issues mostly occur in those who are overweight.

“This knowledge gap plays a factor in why many health issues related to metabolic health, such as brain fog, food cravings and energy slumps, often go unaddressed,” says Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, associate professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, whose research includes finding new ways for people to proactively support their metabolic health.

Issues related to metabolic health can take a toll on your mental wellbeing, your ability to perform your job, and even your social life and personal relationships, making it critical to nip them in the bud. To improve your metabolic health and feel your best in 2024, consider these tips:

  • Get active. Whether you’re hitting up the gym for a weight training session or simply going for a longer walk during your day, daily physical activity is recommended to support your metabolic health. Find activities, daily movement and workouts you enjoy and stick with them.
  • Prioritize proper sleep. Maintaining proper sleeping habits can help to keep your insulin and hormone levels balanced.
  • Fuel often. Fueling more frequently can boost your metabolism. Being sure to eat smaller portions at regular, consistent times every day and drinking plenty of water can also help improve metabolic health. Set alerts on your phone, or even use a hydration app, to help you remember to drink up.
  • Explore supplements. Consider taking a daily supplement designed to support metabolic health and activate metabolism naturally, like Metavo. Featuring the proprietary avocado compound Avocatin B, also known as AvoB, Metavo Advanced Glucose Metabolism Support activates your metabolism naturally at the cellular level.

“Having a flexible metabolism at the cellular level enables the body to properly metabolize fats, proteins and carbs to help improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and energy,” says Dr. Spagnuolo, whose research led to the development of Metavo.

When it comes to metabolic health, consistency is key. In the New Year, resolve to make physical activity, healthy eating, proper sleep and the right supplements a regular part of your routine.

Courtesy StatePoint