NHA Collaboration Addresses Health Disparities

Alicia Monenee, Medical Assistant; Lauri Oaks, Nurse Practitioner; and Daijah Jackson, Medical Assistant.

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Neighborhood Health Association (NHA) has served the greater Toledo area for years and recently celebrated a collaboration with The University of Toledo Medical Center and Toledo Clinic to open the Aurora Senior Health Clinic. The clinic, located near the Believe Center and Mayores Senior Center at One Aurora Gonzalez Drive, opened November 16 and with the goal of serving individuals who are 55 years of age and older by providing respectful access to primary care.

“We’re already serving the Old South End but there is still a need to pay attention to your aging population,” explained Shane Douglas, NHA Chief Operating Officer. “We plan to provide respectful customer service, greet them as they enter while providing access to quality care.”

The City of Toledo shared a plan which launched the conversation between the three entities to serve the senior population of the Old South End. The conversations began in June 2022.

Once a patient calls to schedule an appoint, NHA can identify the type of care that is requested and even verify if bilingual services are needed. Patients are able to receive multiple types of service on-site, with NHA providing the primary care service and UTMC and Toledo Clinic providing the specialty care services. The onsite nurse practitioner can review the patient’s information, request a specialty service directly thus reducing barriers and wait time to receive the specialty care or follow-up instructions.

“This clinic is a shining example of what can be done to meet the needs of seniors when organizations work together,” said Richard Swaine, UTMC CEO. “Our focus is on the ease of care and accessibility.”

In addition to access to primary care physicians, patients will have easier access to specialists’ referrals, including cardiology and rheumatology, dental care and behavioral health consultations. The Aurora Senior Health Clinic is open Thursdays and Fridays with plans to offer additional hours in the future.

“We are proud to be part of a project that is bringing specialty care to an underserved part of the region,” said Michael D’Eramo, Toledo Clinic Doctor Health Administration.

NHA accepts most insurances on a sliding fee scale, this includes Medicare and Medicaid. Patients can book their appointments by calling 419-241-4230. NHA’s mission ‘through our exceptional health care services, we empower and educate, aggressively working to eliminate health care inequities, while supporting personal responsibility for one’s own health regardless of the ability to pay.