Healthier Habits on a Budget This New Year

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This new year, creating healthier habits can be easy and affordable with proper planning. Whether you’re resolving to improve your diet, relax your mind or give back to your community, you can use these tips from the team at Dollar General to help you meet your goals.

Food and Fitness

If you are looking to improve your physical health in the new year, begin by making slight changes to your eating and fitness habits to aid long-term consistency. For example, use healthier alternatives in your favorite meals. Dollar General’s Better For You recipes provide healthier and affordable options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Additionally, consider setting daily exercise goals, such as taking a morning walk or squeezing in a 30-minute strength training session during lunch. Workouts ;don’t have to take a long time to increase your energy and stamina.

Nourishing the Mind

Taking steps to care for your mental health can help decrease stress and improve your mood. Proper rest each night is fundamental. Work toward maintaining a consistent sleep schedule that includes waking up and going to bed at the same time. Next, find an outlet to express daily thoughts, such as updating a journal each night before bed. Finally, create time to practice enjoyable hobbies such as a playing in a sports league, crafting or reading.

Community Care

Getting involved in your community can be a healthy habit that benefits your and others’ wellbeing. To get started, research local nonprofit organizations and choose one that connect to your values. Consider donating time, funds or products to help build strong relationships with neighbors and make a positive difference.

Through implementing these smart and affordable resolution ideas and strategies, you can help maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve your wellbeing.

Courtesy StatePoint