Toledo City Council Funds $50k Program to Train, Accredit, and Promote LGBTQ+ Affirming Health Care Providers

Special to The Truth

Toledo City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, February
7, 2023, to fund the three-year Affirmative and Inclusive LGBTQ+ Action
Plan created by Equality Toledo and Solace Health & Wellness with a special
assist from members of the Equality Toledo NWO LGBTQ+ Coalition.

LGBTQ+ community members and leaders began meeting in October 2021 and over
the following year developed an action plan based on community members’
lived experiences, concerns, and the lack of accessible and affirming
healthcare resources.

We are excited to see this important step in the right direction as these
funds will help Equality Toledo and Solace Health & Wellness perform the
first-ever health community needs assessment for LBGTQ+ people seeking
health care in Toledo.

“Similar to other marginalized communities, LGBTQ+ individuals are at risk
for disparate health outcomes, experience discrimination, and are
stigmatized when seeking health care services. All people deserve to be
treated with dignity and respect within our healthcare system. This
initiative will train providers on evolving language and established
standards of care and then provide a clear road map for access to affirming
providers for our LGBTQ+ residents and families,” says Erin Marten,
Executive Director of Solace Health and Wellness and also a midwife and
public health professional.

“We look forward to these designated funds being utilized to not only
uplift the LGBTQ+ community but also begin to break down barriers that so
many LGBTQ+ people experience” according to Brent Rabie, Deputy Director of
Equality Toledo.

More information on the action plan and this initiative will be available
at a later date. Please look out for this information on the Equality
Toledo website at