Investigate the Investigators

June Boyd

By June Boyd
Guest Column

The November 8 general election is over; the dust has settled and already U.S. Representtives Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Kevin McCarthy of California are ready to investigate the Bidens, the Department of Justice and any entity they feel is under the direction of the Democratic Party.

Instead of pledging good government and overall protecting our democracy they are hell bent on investigations.  I am sure the Bidens are not perfect, however, they have never attempted to overthrow the government and kill people, nor have they paid for same.

My mother, (may she rest in peace), always told me that people will believe liars before someone telling the truth; and what do you know, it is true and it is no wonder so many believe the former GOP president; QAnon and many of the followers.

My question:  Why are the two Republican leaders, Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy not investigating the former GOP president and themselves for that matter?  Voters need to stay informed on the real issues.  It is unbelievable that Donald Trump can announce his candidacy for president while being investigated by the January 6th committee: potential treason; election fraud, bank fraud and other illegal acts.  Most of us know had that been President Obama, well, you know the outcome.

The fact that so many are following Donald Trump is a clear indication that 2024 will be a battle of sorts within the republican party.
A nationwide petition drive should be initiated in order to have those men who want to investigate the Bidens, demand they come clean with what happened on January 6th, including all the texts and phone calls between the insurrectionists and who paid them to come to Washington.

The Bidens did not initiate that riot.  Donald Trump took unauthorized classified papers to Mar a Lago and, believe me, he has consistently undermined Joe Biden I am sure following his inauguration on January 2021.  Trump is under investigation for election fraud in Georgia, bank fraud in New York not to forget the January 6th insurrection.

I repeat, voters need to ask Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy “who financed the thousands who stormed the capitol and threatened to ‘kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi?’”
It appears the investigators need to be investigated.