Big Things Happening at the Wayman Palmer YMCA

Wayman Palmer Executive Director Eric Williams

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

On Wednesday, August 24, dozens of neighborhood residents, city officials, area youth and representatives from a number of YMCA partners gathered at the Wayman Palmer YMCA to hear about new program offerings, to see the new Peloton equipment and to learn about what is in store for the facility in the future.

“The key point was two years ago when a relationship with LISC [Local Support Initiatives Corporation] introduced us to Peloton,” said Brad Toft, president and CEO of the Greater Toledo YMCA, during his remarks. “And that relationship with Peloton is pretty special.”

As a result of that relationship, Peloton has supplied the Wayman Palmer Y with several rooms full of equipment that will accommodate dozens of old and new Y members seeking to become and remain fit and healthier.

For the residents in the Wayman Palmer area, the Peloton equipment is but a small step in the direction they will see the facility go over the next few years. As Toft pointed out in his address, the Y has partnered with the City of Toledo to build a new facility that will be closer to Bancroft Street. The plans were announced some months ago and it is expected that the groundbreaking will be held in the spring.