Trump Just Got Nuked

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

If you look out your window and see a huge orange mushrooming cloud about 1000 feet high, relax…it is just Herr Donald Trump being nuked.

Nothing to see there. Please move on.

By the time you read this article, the Department of Justice will be quietly gathering evidence to present to a grand jury to seek several indictments against Herr Trump for his illegal taking of national security classified documents and transporting them to his lair at Mar-A-Lago.

The former president who prides himself on a high I.Q., one who boasts about having a great brain, that he knows more than all the generals and he can fix anything all by himself, is now in the maw of the kicked Mama Bear, the DOJ.

The head of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, a soft-spoken former federal judge and who oozes an air of calmness and restraint, is now playing the role of the Bear v. The Cornered Rabbit (aka: Trump).

The former failed reality star and twice impeached president poked, jabbed, and ridiculed the judicial process by which the DOJ made several attempts to peacefully have The Bear return the stolen boxes of documents that belong to the government, not to him.

But alas, the now Cornered Rabbit, hopped around and feigned ignorance and played the role of a victim of the radical left Democrats or the “Deep State” has ginned up his rabid base to howl at the moon at their perception that their savior is being crucified to a political cross.

The right-wing GOP friendly media talking heads were all in, in spewing forth nonsensical conspiracy theories about how the FBI planted evidence in the retrieved boxes and how they clandestinely brought in “stuff” to make The Bear look bad.

The trouble with their asinine theories are that The Cornered Rabbit could do and was doing bad all by himself! No help needed, thank you!

Donald Trump, the textbook example of a pathological narcissist, trusted his own gut and the clown car of sycophants around him to give him pep talks that he was all that and a pack of gum to boot!

Now that we are seeing with amazement, more of the criminality of this con and grifter in stealing national security records from the proper owner and depository of those records, the Cornered Rabbit’s cheering choir will soon be shape shifting into role models of either total silence or outrage.

Conjure up if you would, the likely scenarios of why a private citizen would want to hold on to top secret records and which records would include matters revolving around nuclear weapons and related issues.

How about this for a possible scenario: Donald Trump is able to secrete the records to a third party who in turns delivers them to a foreign enemy for a hefty price of billions of dollars awaiting him in a secret bank account in the Cayman Islands or the Isle of Mann.

After all, Donald Trump cannot use that information since he no longer controls the levers of power and as such, to take the records must be for nefarious purposes since he can not plaster them on his man cave walls as a reminder of his former powers.

Once the full gravamen of the record cache has been documented and cross annotated with the National Archives, expect storm clouds to gather in Washington as Merrick Garland, the aggrieved Bear begins to gear up the legal and judicial machinery that could paint the former disgraced president as a traitor or a spy.

The Cornered Rabbit will run to his base for their usual support, but the outrage from the base will not distract the justice department from turning its laser focus on The Cornered Rabbit whose pitiful antics of playing the victim will fall short with the clued in American public.

How about this for a possible scenario:  The Cornered Rabbit will sniff the air and realize that he is about to become breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snack for The Bear; and the Cornered Rabbit will take flight on his ever-ready jumbo jet to a friendly foreign country to wit: Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Far fetched you say? If you know that you are facing charges of treason or espionage and the penalty, depending on the severity of the charges, can be either death or life imprisonment, a “run for the border” is not at all outside the lines of probabilities for a person who feels finally cornered.

A pathological narcissist like the Cornered Rabbit is not going to have a public display of being contrite (tears are optional) because such traits are not within his character. The Cornered Rabbit plays the role of the Don or the Godfather, or no role at all.

If the Cornered Rabbit is indicted for crimes against the United States, will his “deplorable” base man the ramparts and do a January 6 attack on the Capitol?

No, because this time, they will be met with tanks and APC’s and thousands of armed troops along with fences and barb wire in place for any anticipated assault.

Any indictment and trial of the Cornered Rabbit will result in further polarization of the states and any attempts to make amends between red and blue states could takes decades to accomplish, along with a revamping of the education of Americans as to the role of government in their lives and most of all, a common national pledge to the precepts of what is truth and how it must be cherished and followed.

If not, there will be a new America filled with vitriol and distrust and warring political camps with no common ground.


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