And You Are Listening to Rappers About Trump!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

There is nothing worse in being a traffic cop than engaging in crowd control. It is a specter that always has you on edge because the large milling crowd is either anxious, ready to stampede at a moment’s notice or just will not listen to simple command instructions.

The most difficult personalities in crowd control are those types who hear a rumor of some sort or from some person they perceive as a “leader” telling them some unsubstantiated nonsense. Then they fall for it and become unteachable with verifiable facts.

Once you are able to calm the situation down and give them facts and inform them that their crowd behavior is baseless, some, not all, will evaluate the newly presented facts and disburse.

However, others, when confronted with the same facts, will either double down on their head scratching conduct or beliefs or form the opinion that you are out to dupe them; and they clam up and reject all plausible facts that contradict their beliefs.

Such is now happening in the political arena where convicted felon Donald Trump is coldly calculating that if he can pimp off the angst of convicted Black males, they will identify with his felony convictions and vote for him in the Fall election.

This is even more compounded when Trump enlists the aid and comfort of Black male rappers who buck and grin when they are around Trump and even go so far as to exclaim, “Make America Great Again!”

Imagine, if you can, some Black men putting their trust and hope in Trump who has repeatedly demonstrated via his historical record, that he thinks low and harsh of Black people but still thinks he can bamboozle them with a lot of sleights of hand tricks and pricey golden athletic shoes, trying to show that he is, “one of them.”

You cannot make this nonsense up! Trump is trying to identify with some Black men who have been convicted in the judicial system of various crimes; and he  will try to co-mingle his 34 felony convictions with their convictions so as to state: “Hey, I is one of you and with you!”

This political pornography belies belief but, it is out in the open with Trump sharing the platform with various Black rappers who shuck and jive for Trump as if somehow, if he wins in November, they are going to be direct beneficiaries of his largess.

It is without the need for further discussion that in spite of Trump’s disdain of all things Black, it means that if he can woo a tiny sliver of minority voters in certain key battlefield states, he could retake the White House. Let that nightmare sink in for a moment!


To me, it shows the embarrassing and abysmal lack of any level of reading maturity that any Black or Brown males would so much as blink towards a Trump candidacy. Without going through the litany of racially charged offenses against Trump, suffice to say that Trump has no lost love for the aspirations of people of color and his derogatory statements about such ethnic groups are recorded for all to see and read.

My beef with such lame and seemingly clueless Black rappers is that they, among other people, have not taken the time to read up on Trump’s negative comments towards people of color, but they are “wowed” by his apparent hipness with Black culture (not true) and his ability to generate a charismatic aura that some Black men may find alluring.

Why else would any Black man, who has two working brain cells, convince himself or others that Trump is the Lone Ranger for the aspirations of minority communities?

Trump, being a pro-Nazi sympathizer (remember his comments about Charlottesville) and his derogatory comments about Black women (calling them “b*tches) and his desire to see the New York Central Park Five Black men get the death penalty for a crime that they did not commit (all were exonerated by DNA evidence), only affirms that Trump is no friend of ours. None.

Sadly, we have the embarrassing side clown show of Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, former Trump Cabinet member Ben Carson and commentator Candace Owens, willing to tote Trump’s water in exchange for a mess of pottage.

One could possibly understand the above-named persons being in love with Trump but only if (and they cannot) they can factually demonstrate that Trump is an OK guy. He is not and they cannot show that in any form.

His tireless attacks on prosecutors Letticia James of New York, Fani Willis of Georgia, and Alvin Bragg of Manhattan (all people of color who are prosecuting him for criminal conduct), evidences a pattern and practice of racial animosity, but Trump wants to recruit Black rappers to sing his praises!

So, the next time you are in the vicinity of some Negroes who are mouthing Trump MAGA verbiage, take the time to inquire of them what makes them attractive to Trump…and please, when they quickly change the subject and want to take about the GOP talking point of the Biden Crime Family, that is your cue to get up and leave.

Reason: You are in the company of a self-deluded moron whose ability to know the difference between a toaster and a pair of pliers is in question.


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