Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center Announce Partnership to Nurture Change

Christina Rodriguez and a young admirer

Special to The Truth

Last week, Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center hosted a combined press conference and groundbreaking ceremony to announce a new partnership aimed at fostering positive change within the Toledo community. The organizations unveiled their plans for a second Mom’s House location and a collaborative new space.

Mom’s House has been a steadfast supporter of single parents for three decades, offering essential services such as free early childhood education, academic support, and life skills training. Similarly, The Pregnancy Center has been a beacon of hope for Toledo for 40 years, providing crucial educational support to women and families during the most pivotal moments of their pregnancy and parenting journey.

In 2024, these two esteemed organizations are collaborating to create an even greater impact by breaking down barriers for young families. Today, they proudly unveil the launch of their capital campaign, “Rattle the Stars,” which aims to establish a second Mom’s House location and expand The Pregnancy Center’s reach through a collaborative new space. This expansion will enable them to extend their services to more families in need throughout the Toledo area.

During the press conference, Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center announced two major donations to their campaign. The first was an anchor gift of $1 million from Bob Moore, presented to the organizations on September 14, 2022, in honor of Bob’s late wife, Laurie. She and Bob adopted three children, were guardians for two others, and fostered many more.

“Like Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center, Laurie had a burning passion for raising, caring for, and giving children a better life. And because of that, we couldn’t think of a better name for this project than Laurie’s Place,” said Savannah Marten, executive director of The Pregnancy Center.

Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center set a goal of reaching 65% of their fundraising goal ($12.1 million) by March 31, 2024. They were just shy of achieving that goal when Janet Olczak Lanterman presented a transformative gift of $5 million in honor of her late husband, Kirk. The playground at the new location will be named in his remembrance.

“This incredible contribution will catapult us to dream bigger and enable us to make a more significant impact on families in Toledo,” said Christina Rodriguez, executive director of Mom’s House. “Janet, you stepped forward when it mattered. Your generosity is not just a gift to us but a beacon of hope for the entire community. Your legacy will resonate through the lives of countless families right here in our community.”

The crowning achievement of this collaboration is the creation of the “TOGETHER space,” a revolutionary concept that will offer a hub for various community agencies to bring their services under one roof, effectively eliminating barriers and streamlining access to support for Toledo’s families.

Rodriguez expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Pregnancy Center to expand our reach and impact in the Toledo community. Together, we will be able to provide even more comprehensive support to single parents and families, empowering them to build brighter futures for themselves and their children.”

Marten echoed Rodriguez’s sentiments, adding, “This partnership represents a new chapter in our commitment to serving Toledo’s families. By combining our resources and expertise, we can better address the needs of expectant mothers and families, ensuring that they have the support and resources necessary to thrive.”

Many attended the press conference and groundbreaking ceremony, including government and local officials, community leaders, and donors. They came together to show their unwavering support for the partnership between Mom’s House and The Pregnancy Center, underscoring the significance of the collaboration and its potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of Toledo’s families.

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