Groomed for Greatness Holds Mother-Daughter Self Defense Class

Ashley Eubank enjoyed the full day of activities with her daughters and nieces Gabby (15), Summer (16), Taylor (14) and Kendalyn (14)

By Dawn Scotland
The Truth Reporter

Groomed for Greatness held a free Mother-Daughter Self Defense class at the University of Toledo Recreation Center Saturday, April 14. The all-day event for girls 13 and older provided a full day of Mother-Daughter bonding with food, games, raffles, music and more.

“The reason I decide to have the event was because in May of last year I was assaulted at Panera and couldn’t defend myself…as an adult female not being able to do anything – that wasn’t a good feeling,’ stated Founder and Executive Director of Groomed for Greatness, Michelle Mccaster.

Her organization, Groomed for Greatness, has hosted the defense class annually for girls but with her recent experience she now wanted to include mothers as well.

“Women encounter domestic violence situations – their daughters may see that – there is a way that you can handle it where you can help the mother”, she stated.

The event Saturday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. included the self-defense class, raffles/giveaways, food, a 360 photo booth (Full Circle Photobooth), hustle lesson/class, games, and music (DJ Stevie Chanel) – all free of cost. While it was labeled a mother-daughter event, having a daughter was not required, the day was open to all.

Ashley Eubank brought her two daughters and two nieces, ages 14-16, to the event.  “It was fun, honestly, it was nice to learn techniques on how to defend yourself in different kinds of situations,” she stated.

Marshall Arts Instructor Mitch Harris taught many different moves and techniques for various scenarios that women may face.

Christian (15), Nicco (16), Rayshawn (16), Aidan (16) and Barry (14) serve as helpers at the all-day event for mothers and daughters

“Today, the world is a little crazier,” said Eubank, “And my oldest is graduating early from high school and she’s going to college in the fall. I kind of wanted her to learn something because on campuses you hear a lot of things happen and just her knowing at least how to protect herself when she’s in an unfamiliar area away from home [is important].

Sponsors for the event included Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Board and Queens Empowerment.

Mccaster founded Groomed for Greatness in 2017. The nonprofit organization empowers girls ages five-18. “We just try to help them be the best version of themselves,” she stated “anything empowering I can do for them… Just getting them prepared for the future.”

Groomed for Greatness focuses on personal and professional program initiatives, cultural and self-awareness programs, philanthropy, and community service. These initiatives are designed to equip and empower young girls while instilling in them with the confidence they need to step into the world and create a platform for their futures. (Source:

The organization hosts many events throughout the year from their entrepreneurship program, etiquette classes, field trips and financial literacy classes. The group has travel to the March on Washington and the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC.

Their next event will be a ‘Milk & Cookies’ series for girls to chat about recent issues and topics. Groomed for Greatness is in the process of expanding. To learn more about the organization, donate or volunteer visit: or Facebook: Groomed for Greatness.