Skate Away Heart Disease Event to Further Research

Father and son of Victoria Pennamon, Verlon and Cam Pennamon

By Alexandria Leatherberry
Special to The Truth

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Toledo Graduate chapter, holds an annual skating event to promote heart wellness and emergency rescue. This event has gained the support of the community over the past four years and has been able to support the organization’s donation to the American Heart Association.

Zeta Phi Beta members attend the annual Heart Walk to further their research to fight heart disease. This initiative was developed by Demetria Graham of Zeta Phi Beta in remembrance of the loss of her initiate sister, Victoria Pennamon.

Graham and members of Zeta Phi Beta performed a reenactment of an everyday scenario that could impact any of our lives with an unexpected fallen or incapacitated family member, giving the attendees an education on the protocol and proper delivery of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to keep loved ones alive for professional medical attention.

Members from all of the National Pan-Hellenic Council joined in supporting this cause with their friends and family for a night of fun, food and education on how they can contribute to saving lives.