United Vision Baptist Church Black Business Expo

Special to The Truth

United Vision Baptist Church and Pastor Perry Harris III hosted a Black business expo on Sunday February 18 in order to celebrate Black History Month and to showcase the goods and services provided by area Black-owned businesses.

Jack’s Mens Wear, Lovely Creations, Manny’s Kitchen, Dynasty Child Care, K & J’s Kandles & Melts were a few of the businesses displaying their wares for the attendees.

“The church is a vehicle not just for the religious piece,” said Pastor Harris. “It should be an active and vibrant part of our community. So this gives us an opportunity to give back to our community.”

“My church has been such a great support in my business,” said Tyla Jackon, owner of Dynasty Child Care. “They’re always wearing my t-shirts telling people about my day care.” Jackson’s childcare center offers services for low-income families.

After service that Sunday, church members and guests could purchase items such as t-shirts, candles, food items.