Toledo Activists Discuss the Black Community

Richard Quinn addresses the group

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Community activist, Albert Earl invited the community to discuss the issues and solutions that impact the Black Community. The call to action was called, State of The Black Community: The Urgency of Now, was held on February 22 at the historic Frederick Douglass Community Center.

“We need to organize the community because one person can’t do everything,” shared Earl. “Everyone needs to be working on this collective action.”

The discussion raised ideas and questions related to education, politics and politicians, access to basic needs like healthy food options, raising awareness, organizing and collective action. Community advocate Donald Lynn brought up concerns about cultural separation within the black community.

Steve Harris Jr., Richard Quinn, Toni Battle-Gaines, Albert Earl

“We need to understand the system, the entire system, so we don’t divide against ourselves.”

In the area of education, the question and solution centered around ensuring that equitable access was provided to the estimated 4,000 four-year old’s in need of pre-school education.

“We’re close but the reality of change is fragile,” said John Jones of HOPE Toledo. “The potential of unity is fragile. How do we get individual groups and systems to work together and stop competing against each other? An individual group can only do so much.”

The discussion concluded and agreed to hold another discussion in March to create more structure.