Grassroots Youth Focused Economic Development Nonprofit Hosts Celebration

Ebony Robinson with her children and participants (Kai Fisher and Damar Smith)

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

GreaterGenerations, a local nonprofit, celebrated six years of impacting the lives of Toledo’s youth through collaboration. The annual anniversary and recognition program was held on Saturday, February 17, at downtown’s Manhattan restaurant.

“Thank you for joining us today, we are here to celebrate a great occasion,” began Ebony Robinson, executive director. “Our annual report shows an upward growth trend, great photos and, believe me, we will have another great year this year. Our goal is to do better than the last year.”

Celebration guests enjoyed refreshments, a buffet and public recognition with tokens of appreciation. Robinson shared some explains of collaborations.

“One of our youth participated in the Toledo Zoo’s Conservation internship,” shared Robinson. The Toledo Zoo’s Conservation internship provides a stipend and supplies for youth interns as they actively complete conservation work. “GreaterGenerations also has the snow plow contract with the Toledo Police. We plow the lots. There’s a divide between the youth and officers, that’s why this contact is important.”

GreaterGenerations Executive Director, Ebony Robinson

GreaterGenerations purpose is to support and encourage the development of low-income and minority youth in efforts to reduce Disproportionate Minority Contact, while building communication, respect and trust within the community in efforts to reduce recidivism and increase community revitalization.

To date the organization holds active local contracts and reoccurring funding from multiple entities. GreaterGenerations has seven programs: G2 Community Partners Initiative, Outdoor Maintenance, Youth Housing Program, Teen Parents Program, Teen Transportation and Driver Program, Youth Entrepreneur Program, Family Building/Parental Involvement Measure.

GreaterGeneration’s first grant was Bill Rowles Youth Foundation fund from the Greater Toledo Community Foundation in 2020, the nonprofit has secured funding from various Foundation funds including: Toledo Walleye Hockey Club’s Walleye Wishing Well, Toledo Rotary Club Foundation, Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club’s Helping Hens Fund and Equity & Access Initiative Fund.

“It’s my pleasure to be here in support of this great organization,” began Artisha Lawson, Greater Toledo Community Foundation program officer. “The work that she has done in the area of economic development, person-first youth programming and collaboration is noteworthy and I’m glad that we have been able to support these efforts.”

GreaterGenerations plans to host a Toledo Art Contest in February, Shoot Pool Not Guns and Spring N2 Summer Campaign in March, Summer Recruitment in June and Family Picnic in July. For additional information on how to donate or to sign up your youth call 419-270-5481, visit, search social media or text G2Supporter@G2 to 44321.