Toledo Museum of Art Celebrates MLK Day

Alexis Means and Bishop Robert Culp discuss the meaning and impact of Dr. King’s life

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

The Toledo Museum of Art celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15 with a free community event open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to honor and celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Attendance, activities and parking were all free to participants.

Doreen Cutway, Sr. Manager of Public Relations noted: “What is important is that we are normally closed on Mondays…but we wanted to make sure it was recognized in the world. We want to create a place of belonging where people can celebrate and recognize Dr King!”

The following events and activities were presented for the entertainment of participants:

Silent Hip Hop Dance Party: A personal headphone set was provided to all participants to listen to Hip Hop music for dancing. Another opportunity for the headphone set provided was the chance to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful “I Have A Dream” speech. Most participants listened to Martin Luther King Jr’s speech and also spent time celebrating in a dance party.

Digital Artwork Collectible: Artists created unique digital artwork that is possible for members of the community to collect if interested. Information and knowledge was provided to the attendees for a digital art experience.

Art Activities: Presented in the Family Center atmosphere was a variety of activities to honor the  legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  Many kids and attendees had a great time making and designing art activities.

Bishop Robert Culp Conversation: Bishop Culp provided information and communication with the attendees in the Little Theater in the Museum, to honor and explain Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to the communities. Rhonda Sewell, the Toledo Art Museum director of belonging and community engagement, also provided information in regard to the Toledo Art Museum. WTVG 13 Reporter, Alexis Means, participated in the conversation with Bishop Culp and supported his interaction with the audience.

The conversation and interaction provided insight on Martin Luther King Jr.’s activities and also Bishop Culp’s lifelong contributions to his community.

“It’s a pleasure to open our doors on a Monday and we have been very intentional to open our doors to honor Martin Luther King Jr.” said Sewell. “This day means so much to all of us in the community.”

“First let me express my experience,” shared Culp. “The march in Washington was the best and so pivotal in my life! And to hear Dr. King share his DREAM SPEECH, it was such a tremendous experience. Getting to hear Dr. King changed my whole attitude and transformed my idea about what serving people was supposed to be.”

At the end of the speech with Bishop Culp, he acknowledged and recognized all the attendees and numerous area pastors that were in attendance for the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration day. The event was extremely inspirational and supportive to recognize and engage the benefits and contribution that Martin Luther King Jr. provided for our world!

Studio Activities: An area was available to make a mixed-media button; with motivation and inspiration by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.

Ask Me Docents: Docents provided information, examples and view of artwork that has been created by Black artists. Some of the artists recognized and acknowledged were Elizabeth Catlett, Wangechi Mutu and Kehinde Wiley.

African Art Teaching Collection: African art objects were presented to view and also were touchable, to experience and closely view the awesome artwork and objects.

William Ellis, security guard: “Well Martin Luther King Day is such a special day, and it is special so we can bring everyone together!”