Kwanzaa at The Padua Center – The Principles and The Feast

Donald Lynn explains the Kwanzaa principles

By Fletcher Word
The Truth Editor

Donald Lynn, one of the elders behind the annual Kwanzaa celebration at the Frederick Douglass Community Association, pulled double duty on Thursday, December 28, night three, as he helped “Emerging Young Ladies” celebrate the event at The Padua Center before an appreciate audience.

“What have you done that relates to that principle?” he suggested as he examined the connection between the seven-day celebration and the Kwanzaa principles that are meant to guide community members throughout the year. “Have you helped somebody, have you worked with somebody? Have you created something? Are you going to leave the community better than when you came?”

He added” “We are trying to create a tradition and within that tradition, we are trying to create a culture.”

The Padua Center celebration included not only the explanation of Kwanzaa but also a candle lighting and a sharing of Karamu – the feast eaten as part of the celebration.

“You start putting all that together through the principles,” Lynn said. “At the end of the year, we look back and get ready for what we are going to do next year.”