Enjoy the Holidays, But Be Careful

Ryan Rollison

Ryan Rollison
The Truth Contributor

Happy Holidays to you all!

I get a lot of the same general questions and concerns this time of year. How do I maintain my weight, how can I make healthier food choices during the holidays, make time to train and several other questions.

Well, honestly this is a very difficult time of year for everyone including myself.  I mean who wants to say no to all the holiday goodies lying around the house or at work?

For starters you can just simply not buy the sweets to have at your own house and that will eliminate part of the constant temptations.  It’s hard to pass it up when you are walking through the store but it’s even harder or impossible to pass it up when it’s in your house and in your face all day long. I know you have no control over what people bring into work but do your best to not put yourself in the position where it’s in your face during the whole workday.

Another thing that will help you is to eat your regular meals on the holiday itself.  A lot of people don’t eat like they normally do, because they are planning to overindulge later that day. If you eat like it’s just a regular day you will be less likely to overeat because you will not be starving by the time you feast begins. You will avoid the huge insulin spike and avoid so much fat storage. It’s extremely important to keep your insulin from spiking all the time, not just today.

This is where people really mess their eating up and then they do it for the following next couple of days with left-overs.  You must stick to your eating plan and not overeat just because it’s in front of you.  Drink your water like you should be doing anyways and carry on as normal.  The only difference is you will have family around and more food for you to splurge on.  You must show some discipline and self-control here.

Don’t overeat all of the carbs such as potatoes, dressing, pastas and other starchy carbs on the table.  Enjoy some but go easy, fill up on more meat and veggies this year. You could also make a dessert that is low sugar and/or low fat that you can enjoy while everyone else is indulging in the high fat, high calorie and high sugar desserts that will halt your fat loss efforts.

I always make a cheesecake that’s virtually fat free and sugar free (email me for recipe). Everyone loves it and they don’t know it is sugar free until I tell them.  Use sugar free jello, puddings, low or no fat cream cheese and modify recipes to fit your needs. I also add protein powder to my desserts; it tastes great and reduces your insulin spikes.

Don’t be a victim this holiday season, get creative and eat healthy.   Also, keep your exercise program moving along.  The last thing you want to do is increase your calories while decreasing your activity level. Don’t slack now and to be honest this is the season when you need to start getting yourself ready for your summer body, NOT in the spring.

I know with the holiday parties your time may get limited but you have to stay focused and make time to train. Schedule it like an appointment. Be strong! Your friends and family will tempt you, but be resilient, show them and yourself that you are stronger than the temptations.  There is plenty of time to plan ahead for this holiday season.  Good luck!



Ryan Rollison

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