The Emergence of a Beast in Our Midst…

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

Just when you think it was safe to go back into the water, an alarm bulletin goes out and states that a beast has been spotted in the murky waters; and it is emerging from its bed of slime to wreak havoc on the half sleeping citizenry.

That beast, hoary and covered with oozing puss sores and having slits for eyes, is hoisting itself out of the brine and getting back its “land legs” because it is readying itself for a feeding frenzy on light-headed people who were and are slack in a never-ending duty of watching for and repudiating the beast and its spawn.

The appetite of the beast, now roused from a halfhearted sleep, is desirous to consume people who do not know or who do not want to know history. A history that tells a grim and sordid tale of hate, bigotry and death to those by the beast who profess to be Jews.

To the beast, to be a Jew or to sympathize with people of Jewish background is to be fair game for it to demonize, degrade, kill, maim and destroy such persons and their culture and their historical faith.

For this beast is consumed with unfathomable hatred for anyone who stands with Israel and the Jewish people. This beast has no moral compass and disdains any attempts to rebuke it for its unbridled anger and hostilities against all things Jewish.

The beast has a long and sordid history of engineering campaigns of hatred and is crafty enough to hide its intentions in abstract intellectual arguments that give the appearance that the beast, and its followers, have legitimate gripes by which they claim permission to kill all Jews.

For the beast, nothing short of total annihilation of the Jewish people will satiate its murderous lust.

When challenged, the beast will not offer any arguments of rudimentary logic or plausible validity but will simply resort to tropes and created artifacts gathered from ancient history to the present date.

The beast is able to slyly inculcate others with ancient stories of the Jew being rulers of the universe and being people who exploit others for monetary gain and who have no mercy.

The beast has been supremely successful in hoodwinking enough gullible people to forego any logical challenges to its baseless arguments, and before long, they are senselessly parroting  the vile rot of the beast.

The bombastic statements of the beast invites acts of mayhem, riot, warfare, carnage, imprisonment, loss of property…just because the beast has been offended by his arch enemy (to be revealed later in this article) and it seeks revenge.

If there is one consistent theme in all human history, it is that the beast never ceases from its toil of tempting others to hate the Jewish people as much as he hates them.

His hatred is beyond volcano lava hot. If one could do so, even touching the sun would not equate the degree to which and by which the beast is committed to hating the Jew and Israel.

Not even close.

And now. And now, we have the beast being center stage in the latest iteration of that hate via the acts of Hamas in attacking Israel. The airwaves were filled with unbearable sounds and images and gruesome stories of people being beheaded, babies burned to death, parents decapitated in front of their kids…and on and on and on.

The war of Hamas and Israel will garnish much public notice and with that public notice, people will decide whose side they are on.

Anti-Semitism, both here in the US and around the world, has frightfully escalated to an all time high and with no end in sight. People’s hearts are failing them for fear and a fear that this newest attack on all things Jewish will not end well for Jewish people.

How one does not condemn Hamas for their consistency in seeking the eradication of the Jewish People, is beyond belief. The very founding document of Hamas in the year 1987, clearly articulates that their mission is to kill Jews. Full stop. What don’t you understand?

The beast has used and will use any artifice at their disposal to conduct its mission and Hamas is one of those tools.

The ravenous appetite of the beast is to “shape-shift” itself into an organization that is fighting for liberation in Palestine. Truth be told, if the citizens of Palestine could govern themselves and make peace with Israel with a two-state solution, Hamas would be out of business and the beast would have to move on to other targets.

For those who ascribe to the validity of the Word of God and as stated in both the New Testament and the Old Testament, the beast is Satan who since the Garden of Eden has attacked the creation of God; and his prime target both then and now is the Jew and the progeny of

the Christ who was always his first sworn enemy.

The still existence of Israel and the birth of the Chris tian Church, as led by Jesus the Christ

Is an open wound to the beast because he sees that his job is unfinished because he wrongly believes that if he can eradicate the Nation of Israel and befoul the name of the Christ…he wins.

Let it said that the beast and its allies and all their powers are temporary and will soon be

vanquished when the primary object of the beast’s wrath, overthrows him.

As for peace in the Middle East? You can quote me on this: “There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Prince of Peace returns.”

Lines are being drawn in the sand! Make sure that you are on the right side of history.


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