Poohs Kidz Present Warmth and Wellness Fair at Scott High

Ronnita Holyfield, Maggie Thornton, Jaleesa Plant, Megan Fagan

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

On Saturday, November 4, the Warmth and Wellness Fair at Scott High School, presented by Poohs Kidz, provided free kids coats and accessories for upcoming cold weather and winter season. Poohs Kidz is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support for the kids in the Toledo area.  The purpose for the Warmth and Wellness Fair was to ensure that school-aged children would have access to a warm winter coat. Hats, gloves and socks were offered and provided also. Pooh Kids has donated hundreds of winter coats to the community children since 2016.

All guests were invited into the area to select a new coat, hats, gloves and socks. Snacks, drinks and artwork and activities were present and available for anyone who wanted something and to participate in fun times and activities. The atmosphere was open and welcoming to all who attended the event!

Ronnita Holyfield, Poohs Kidz president, has strong partnerships with participants who volunteered and supported the event. Ronnita acknowledged the positive impact the participants provided by recognizing all those who contributed to The Warmth and Wellness Fair.

“She Speaks, Save Our Community-City of Toledo, Toledo-Lucas County Healthy Start, UAW Local 12-Women’s Committee, Toledo Public Library. My community partners!” said Holyfield in appreciation of community partnerships.

UAW Local 12 Women’s Committee, Maggie Thornton, Jaleesa Plant, and Megan Fagan, provided the following information to explain its role: “The Women’s Committee is dedicated to enhancing our community through their tireless efforts, fostering inclusivity, and empowering women to be catalysts for positive change.”

Resources and information were provided by staff to share the benefits of connecting with the Toledo-Lucas County Healthy Start program. The Healthy Start Program is a program of the Health Department, to make it easier to have a healthy baby, to help babies and families with a healthy start in life with outreach, coordination, education and to assist with health insurance.

All guests and participants experienced a positive atmosphere that provided free merchandise and positivity with care and consideration for all the presence of children and family. A beneficial event for the community.  Holyfield did indicate that she anticipates future events to continue to support the community. The contribution of all participants was respected and appreciated by the community kids who received benefits from attendance.