Greater Toledo Community Foundation Empowers Families for Fitness with $15,000 Grant

Families for Fitness, Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles in Toledo’s underserved communities, is thrilled to announce a significant boost to its mission. The Board of Trustees of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation has generously approved a $15,000 grant from the Equity & Access Initiative Fund, fortifying Families for Fitness’ ongoing efforts.

A minority-led organization operating since its incorporation in 2008, Families for Fitness has been steadfast in its commitment to addressing health disparities and fostering well-being among marginalized youth and families.

The grant from the Equity & Access Initiative Fund aligns with the Foundation’s vision to tackle issues of inequity and limited access in the Greater Toledo area. These funds will empower Families for Fitness to amplify its impact in several key areas:

  1. Strengthening Administrative and Development Efforts: With the infusion of funds, the organization aims to fortify its administrative and board processes including new development strategies to ensure sustainability and continued growth to better serve the community.
  2. Revitalizing Programming: The grant will build the capacity needed to rejuvenate essential programs in partner schools, reigniting the spark of health education and awareness among youth.
  3. Expanding Community Reach: With funds for improved focused on engagement and networking capabilities, Families for Fitness will extend its reach to new partners and resources that can enhance their ability to reach those who need their services the most.

“This grant represents a significant milestone for Families for Fitness,” remarked Marsha Hill, executive director. “As we navigate a post-pandemic world, these funds will not only help us recover lost ground but also forge enduring connections with dedicated donors and partners. Our mission to combat preventable childhood diseases by educating about healthy choices and addressing these issues within the area’s food deserts is more critical than ever.” Keith Burwell, president of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation, shared his optimism: “By collaborating and thinking inclusively, we can creatively address our community’s challenges. This grant reflects our shared commitment to creating a healthier, more equitable Toledo.”

The Greater Toledo Community Foundation, founded in 1973, serves as a beacon of philanthropic support in the region, boasting over 970 individual current funds with assets of approximately $406 million. To learn more about the Foundation and its charitable initiatives, please visit or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Families for Fitness, Inc., established in Ohio in 2008, is a critical partner in Toledo’s quest for healthier communities. Achieving 501[c][3] public charity status in 2011, the organization is dedicated to combating childhood diseases rooted in poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles, particularly affecting marginalized youth and families.