Kaptur Statement Following Vote To Pass Continuing Resolution To Fund Government Through November 17

On Sunday morning, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) ranking member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water, founder and co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, and dean of the Ohio Congressional Delegation released the following statement following her vote to pass H.R. 5860, the Continuing Appropriations Act of 2024 to fund government operations through 2024. The legislation passed with strong bipartisan support 334-92, and similarly this legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support from the Ohio Congressional Delegation 13-2 with the only No Votes being Representatives Jim Jordan (OH-04) and Warren Davidson (OH-08).

“Though far from a perfect bipartisan, bicameral bill, the measure just passed temporarily—for 45 days—averts a shutdown of the United States Government. The chaos wrought by a small band of House MAGA extremist Members is very destructive to our country and Congress. Their confusion and intransigence would have gravely harmed our economy and achieved nothing. For example, it would have halted pay for our nation’s military forces, taken food from hungry children, furloughed or required work without pay for federal workers handling food inspection, Social Security, flood insurance, passports, Border Patrol, and so much more.

“The bill just passed extends the operations of our Federal Government for just a mere 45 days moving forward. The Republican Party with its thin majority has not been able to perform the basic duties of the Majority Party—to prepare and pass a Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 followed by passage of 12 Departmental and Agency Appropriations’ bills by September 30, 2023 to fund the operations of our nation’s Federal Government.

“So though this short term bill has passed, another vote must occur by November 17, 2023 to fund Federal operations going forward, causing more disruption in the operations of our highest levels of government. Meanwhile, this House Continuing Resolution, which is a temporary measure, now moves to the Senate where I hope it will pass immediately.

“Then on Monday, the House Rules Committee will continue its hearings on the majority of Appropriation bills that the Republican Leadership has been very late to complete.

“On the issue of US support for the valiant people and forces fighting for Liberty in Ukraine, the House Ukraine Caucus stands with you. Today, due to a handful of House MAGA extremists, a 45-day extension of US government operations until November 17, was able to briefly halt US assistance for Ukraine inside the 45-day window of that temporary Continuing Resolution. Though this is a hard slap in the face of Liberty, it will not hold going forward. The vast majority of House Members fully support Ukraine—in fact 82%—based on recent votes just this month supporting assistance to Ukraine. I, along with Members  of our Ukraine Caucus, fully support Ukraine’s quest for territorial sovereignty, independence, and accession to the Western community of democratic nations.

“Our 92-Member Ukraine Caucus gives no succor to the tyrannical regime of Putin and his butchering legions. We intend to assure that going forward the full will of the American people through the House is expressed in support of Ukraine. Freedom means never surrender, and the House Ukraine Caucus will never surrender to the whims of an extremist minority who choose tyranny over Liberty. Those who bequeathed Liberty to us knew its worth, and so must we.”