Taylor Hyundai Hosts “Art Night”

Adam Simpson of Ronald McDonald House with Terry Crosby, Taylor Automotive Outreach

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

August 24, 2023, Taylor Hyundai of Perrysburg hosted the “Art Night,” a supportive event for Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Ohio. The event was established to support and provide benefits to The Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The Art Night began with networking, socializing opportunities and music entertainment by live performers. In addition to socializing opportunities, food and drink were provided at no charge for guests. Many volunteers created art to be included in the event and all art items were created by local artists who were committed to providing their skills and time to support Ronald McDonald House with an art auction.

Ronald McDonald House has been active in Northwest Ohio for 40 years. Recently the facility has upgraded from 14 rooms for guests to 28 rooms.

Tom Cole, Taylor Automotive Community Outreach coordinator, provided the following information: “Steve Taylor loves Ronald McDonald House. Thank you all so much for being here. We appreciate all of you. We appreciate Ronald McDonald House and what it’s meant for this community. Helping kids that are sick, helping their families when maybe they don’t have the financial means to take care of their youngsters and worried about ‘how can I pay these medical bills?’. Which is an incredible burden, but Ronald McDonald House is there for support. The worst days of their lives, they show up at Ronald McDonald House. Chad and his incredible crew at Ronald McDonald House change the paradigm: Give them hope, give them a place to stay, give their children a chance to get better.  Can’t have a better organization than that! With that being said I want to introduce an extremely talented man, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Chad Bringman.”

“Thank you everyone that came out, appreciate the support.” Said Chad Bringham. “We thank Tom and all the staff here. The opportunity for us to get out and do something a little different. This is something we haven’t done before. You guys did a great job setting it up. We are super thankful. Our one funding source for Ronald McDonald House is donations from our community. Just know, the dollars we raise today are going to help the families that are with us today.”

The event provided extreme knowledge to the attendees to see the positive impact Ronald McDonald House has in Northwest Ohio and also the support that Taylor Hyundai of Perrysburg provides for the atmosphere. The event also brought recognition and appreciation of the artists who donated their skills and time to create the artwork.