Countdown to an Exciting Venture: Superior Made Spaces Set for Grand Opening Soon

By Asia Nail
The Truth Reporter

Downtown Toledo is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated grand opening of Superior Made Spaces draws near. With just a few weeks left until August 19, local business owners are eagerly awaiting the chance to see these office suites firsthand.

Superior Made Spaces, the brainchild of sisters Arlinda Self (president) and Shirley Lawson (VP), are offices they describe as, “nestled in the heart of downtown Toledo.”

With a prime downtown Toledo address, they enjoy close proximity to the Main Branch Library and other professional hubs, offering businesses a well-connected locale near city and government buildings.

Their concept is simple yet ingenious: to create an inclusive and diverse community where entrepreneurs from all walks of life can thrive.

Their aim is to foster an ecosystem of support, collaboration and growth by offering conference rooms for every suite and other customized rental amenities for their spaces. Just stop by the grand opening or give them a call.

“We have a variety of room options and look forward to meeting our local businesses needs,” shares Arlinda.

Lawyers, hair stylists, counselors, masseuses and more – all are welcome.

During the grand opening, local business owners will be treated to the unique opportunity of touring the office suites, while networking with other local businesses and organizations.

“We will have food truck vendors outside and many of the businesses invited will showcase their services by setting up shop within the available rentals,” explains Shirley. “This way everyone will get a true feel of things as we all get to know one another.”

As the countdown to the grand opening begins, the excitement is palpable. Local business owners eagerly await the chance to tour the office spaces, connect with like-minded individuals, and witness the realization of a dream that was sparked by resilience and perseverance.

“The story behind this unique venture traces back to our parents,” says Arlinda.

The sister’s parents, Nathan Lawson and his wife Alicia, are proud born and reared Toledoans. The family’s journey to this grand opening began years ago when the 2008 economic crash hit, and the couple saw an opportunity within the real estate market.

They decided to take a bold step. With determination and foresight, they purchased over 30 properties and went on to be successful landlords in the City of Toledo for more than 10 years.

After years of hard work and financial success, they yearned for a change in their lives. They made a daring decision to sell all their rental properties, hop in their big-rig RV, and embark on a journey of exploration and solitude. They traveled the country in their RV, discovering new places, and making cherished memories.

“We looked and looked for an RV park that met our needs but we’re unsuccessful. My husband and I said to ourselves, ‘Maybe we should build one,’ recalls Ms. Lawson.

During the pandemic, they came across a piece of land in Alabama that perfectly fit their vision. Without hesitation, they bought it and, despite the challenges, within six months turned it into a beautiful RV park, named Time Away RV Resort.

What set this park apart was not just its stunning location right next to a NASCAR venue, but the fact that its owners were African American. “We focused on catering to Big Rig Luxury RVs like their own,” recalls Ms. Lawson. “We figured it was an untapped market and we were right.”

With hard work and dedication, they managed to create 100 spacious spots on five acres, offering various recreational activities like swimming, basketball, and walking trails. This has never been done before and was essentially a resort. After much success, they received numerous offers, and one particularly amazing offer led them to a significant decision – to sell, come home to Toledo and build a legacy with their kids.

“Our parents are amazing. My sister and I had come to the RV park to help manage when we both realized we’d like to bring this concept back home to Toledo in a different way,” recalls Shirley.

The daughters had seen firsthand the hard work and dedication their parents poured into the RV resort, and they were inspired to follow in their footsteps. Their parents’ entrepreneurial spirit was contagious, and they wanted to contribute to the family legacy.

With the RV resort sold and the earnings invested wisely, Superior Made Spaces was born.

“Superior Made Spaces is our dream come true enabling us to give back to our community and help other local businesses flourish,” says Arlinda.

The grand opening will be more than just a celebration of a new business venture; it is a testament to the power of unity and the fulfillment of dreams.

Mark your calendars for August 19 and be part of this remarkable moment in Toledo’s entrepreneurial landscape. The grand opening promises to be more than just an event, it’s also a beacon of hope for professionals in need of a space to call their own.

The Lawson family would like to thank The City of Toledo, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, The Toledo Fire Chief,  The Toledo Police Department and a host of professional friends & family for their continued support.

For business inquiries please call: 567-408-0452