In Loving Memory of Weldon Douthitt

Weldon Douthitt addresses crowd

March 18, 1933 – July 14, 2023

Mr. Weldon Douthitt, my Godfather, a construction and political genius, and a dear friend and support to many, has gone on to Glory.

Weldon was born on March 18, 1933 in Columbus, Ohio and came to Toledo, Ohio in 1954.  And we all the better for his physical and active presence on this earth, in the City of Toledo, and the great State of Ohio at large.

Through his construction work, Weldon repaired homes and improved the quality of life for countless Toledo residents.  And his active and relentless involvement in Toledo politics brought about immeasurable and historical change.  During his storied and remarkable career, Weldon was senior advisor and campaign manager to Ohio Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson, who was the first Black female mayor of Toledo.

Weldon was also senior advisor and campaign manager to the late Mayor Jack Ford.  Mayor Jack Ford was also a member and president of Toledo City Council, an Ohio State Legislator, and the first African-American elected as House Caucus Leader in Ohio.  And Ford preceded Hicks-Hudson as Toledo’s first African-American Mayor.

For over 30 years, Weldon worked on campaigns for mayors, judges, county commissioners, city council and school board members, state representatives, members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, and even for presidents of the United States, which include Former President Bill Clinton and Former Vice President Al Gore!   Weldon was a community leader, a civil and voting rights champion, and an inspiration to people far and wide.  Some people are not aware of his extensive involvement in the political arena because he was a humble servant who just did the job. 

We are so grateful for his leadership and for his example in politics and construction and all he did to provide and increase opportunities for minority contractors in the City of Toledo.   Mr. Weldon Douthitt is a model for what it means to engage in steadfast and relentless efforts to make Ohio a better, fairer, and more inclusive State.

Mr. Weldon, you said, “I will give out before I give up” and that’s exactly what you did!

“Well-Done, Brotha’ Weldon.  Well-Done.”


Your Goddaughter LaFonda Willis—and countless Toledo residents who love and admire you, including Arthur Taylor, Alan Bannister, Bill & Derrick Mosley (posthumously), and Regina Willis (posthumously).