Maritime Students See Laker in Action

Paul Hubbard

By Paul Hubbard, MSW, Maritime Academy Board Member
Special to The Truth

Maritime Academy students learned about the inner workings of The Andersons’ facility on the Maumee River and toured the Laker Boat Algoma Sault.

The students were able to see a Laker in action by seeing the cargo holds, bridge, engine room and cabin according to Aaron Lusk, Maritime Superintendent. The tour gave the students a breadth of experiences about maritime careers from the employees of the Algoma Central.

The skills learned from the maritime industry tour were the need for attention to details, punctuality and work ethics. These skills are applicable to any career while teaching students abstract academic skills in a real-world environment.

Mike Anderson, chairman of The Andersons, said he is glad The Andersons were able to provide this first-time experience for the Maritime students.
In addition to the maritime careers, “The Maritime Academy” also prepares students for a variety of post school options.

Given the mission of the Maritime Academy of Toledo: to provide students with rigorous academic pathways, towards college or a career, with a personalized learning experience students can find themselves prepared for any type of employment, says Superintendent Aaron Lusk.

Students have earned industry credentials in such diverse careers as phlebotomy, prostart culinary, water and wastewater treatment operators and welding. The Maritime Academy of Toledo is developing a dental assistant program which will guarantee jobs right after high school thanks to Maritime BD member Dr. Davis of the Dental School at the University of Toledo.

The graduates, of Maritime Academy of Toledo, have succeeded in many different University, the Military, and many trade professions.

Outgoing chairman of the board, Jim Hartung, says: “whichever option students choose to pursue The Maritime Academy will provide them freedom to succeed.”

Former board chairman Keith Jordan says: “the students are learning in a safe environment.”