The Arts Commission’s Young Artists at Work (YAAW) Program Announces 29th Season

The Arts Commission is proud to announce the Young Artists at Work (YAAW) program is returning for the 29th season. The 2023 program is returning with exciting new projects and exhibition opportunities that engage creative youths from the greater Toledo area. This year the YAAW program welcomes 55 apprentices and eight teaching staff.

Throughout the six-week program, the staff and apprentices will manage and execute four significant projects and conclude the program with an art sale. The projects range from murals to educational installations. Details follow.

Toledo GROWs – Toledo GROWs, located at 827 Oneida St. in Toledo, has invited a team of apprentices to enhance spaces on their property with artwork. The organization leads a grassroots effort dedicated to the continued growth and success of community-based gardens in the City of Toledo and the surrounding area. Toledo GROWS has been a community partner with The Arts Commission on numerous projects in the past.

Drum Depot Mural – Apprentices will work to design and execute a mural on the former Drum Depot building, located at 4100 Monroe St., Toledo. Before starting the project, the apprentice team executing this project will meet with stakeholders to determine themes and develop design elements. The artists will present ideas, get feedback, and then create a mural that will face the Chessie Circle Trail.

Lucas County Shared Services – Apprentices will work to design and execute a project for the Lucas County Shared Services building, located at 3737 W. Sylvania Ave. in Toledo. The organization is a longtime partner with Young Artists at Work. One team will meet with stakeholders at Lucas County Shared Services to discuss themes and preferences. The artists will present ideas, get feedback, and develop the final project.

Signal Box Wraps – In partnership with Art in Public Places, YAAW apprentices will work together to design Signal Box Wraps for the Collingwood Avenue corridor. Starting in 2021, The Arts Commission’s Art in Public Places program sought artists to create “Flora and Fauna” themed artwork to be applied as vinyl wraps on signal boxes around the City of Toledo. These innocuous metal boxes provide an organic opportunity to implement moments of artistic discovery.

Shrader Tire & Oil Mural – A team of apprentices will work to design and execute a mural on the Shrader Tire & Oil building, located at 2045 W. Sylvania Ave, Toledo. Shrader Tire & Oil has been a part of our community for 75 years. The team of apprentices will meet with stakeholders to discuss themes and will work with the business to create a design that reflects their vision. The artists will present ideas, get feedback, and then create a mural on their building, facing the Chessie Circle Trail.

End of Season Art Sale & Remarks Join the Young Artists at Work staff and apprentices for an art sale and closing ceremony on Saturday, July 22, from 2:00PM – 6:00PM as part of the Summer Spectacular Art Loop in UpTown Toledo. The sale, and remarks, will be at Handmade Toledo, 1717 Adams Street. All of the proceeds from the art sale go back to the YAAW program. Remarks from this summer’s participants are scheduled to begin at 2PM.

The Arts Commission has presented the award-winning Young Artists at Work (YAAW) program since 1994. Student apprentices between the ages of 14 and 18 are selected in a competitive process for six weeks of employment as working artists, with the objective of providing an intensive arts experience to foster artistic self-expression and a quality work ethic. The program encourages exploration, refinement, cross-cultural sharing, and the exchange of ideas.