Statement on Juneteenth from Building Back Together

Building Back Together Interim Executive Director Mayra Macías released the following statement on Juneteenth:

“Today, we celebrate freedom and recommit ourselves to fighting against the legacies of slavery which still permeate today. We confront our country’s painful history with slavery in order to grow stronger. And we thank the Black abolitionists, educators, civil rights advocates, and hardworking Americans who have shaped our country for the better and held us accountable for honoring our shared vision for a country where all are free to live and work without fear of prejudice or discrimination.

“As we mark Juneteenth, a federal holiday thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration, we recommit to ensuring equity, equality, and justice for Black Americans. President Biden and Vice President Harris are taking a whole-of-government approach to advance racial justice and address the lasting impacts of systemic racism on Black communities. Their administration has taken historic steps to expand economic opportunity for Black Americans, combat housing discrimination, deliver resources to HBCUs, ensure equitable representation in government, and more. Together, we will continue our work to root out inequity in our country, and ensure liberty and justice for all.”