Great Ways to Encourage Imagination During Playtime

Special to The Truth

There’s no better time than playtime to encourage an active imagination. Here are a few ways to bring more inventiveness into the fun.

Introduce Toys

Look for toys that allow kids to imagine themselves in new roles and scenarios. For example, little ones can transform into super-duper, fixer-uppers with the Drill & Learn Toolbox Pro from VTech. Featuring a toolbox, tool belt, hammer, wrench, plastic nails, screws and a working toy drill, along with realistic tool sounds, songs and information about how the tools are used, little DIYers will have all the basics for pretend home repair.

For kids who may have watched older siblings and friends get their game on, another fun toy is the Level Up Gaming Chair. This preschool game station features a swivel chair, joystick and pretend headphones, and a real interactive gaming tablet that teaches letters, numbers, animals and music with gaming sound effects. With no Wi-Fi needed, you can turn game time into learning time safely and without worries, while giving young kids an opportunity to feel like big kid gamers.

The Pop & Spin Mower features an engine that rumbles, a sparkly, pretend blade that spins and popping beads that mimic grass clippings. Little gardeners will enjoy pushing this lean, green mowing machine, and those not quite ready to walk can sit and spin the roller or press the light-up buttons to explore gardening themes and colors. While this is a great way to play pretend, the toy also teaches lawn mower safety to help keep kids safe around the real thing.


Use Creative Prompts

Art is one of the best avenues for the imagination to run free. And when it comes to different forms of art, the sky is limit. Encourage kids to create music, poems, stories, paintings and plays. Feeling stumped? Give them prompts to get them started. Here are a few to try:

  • Paint a picture of a beautiful place you want to go.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite animal.
  • Tell me a story about a kid and their dog.
  • Paint a picture of the way you are feeling right now.
  • Put on a play about two friends who are lost and trying to find their way home.

With fun role-playing toys and a bit of resourcefulness, you can make the most of playtime by letting imaginations run wild.

Courtesy StatePoint