Ohio Democratic Party Statement Following Mike DeWine’s Signature on One of the Worst Anti-Voter Bills in the Country

Special to The Truth

Last week, Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) Chair Elizabeth Walters released the following statement after Mike DeWine signed a dangerous anti-voter bill into law that would take our state backward in the fight for voting rights. The bill punishes working Ohioans by putting up unnecessary barriers to the voting booth and making it harder for working families who rely on absentee or early voting to have their voices heard.

“Ohio Republicans know that their out-of-touch agenda and anti-worker policies are betraying Ohio voters, and they don’t want to be held accountable. So they’re further rigging the rules in their favor and pushing one of the worst anti-voter bills in the entire country all so that they can keep lining the pockets of their corporate donors and leave working families in Ohio out to dry. Shame on all of them,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.

The bill signed into law would:
* End Ohioans’ ability to use utility bills, government documents and alternative forms of identification in order to prove their identity and cast their vote;
* Shorten the window for Ohioans to cast mail-in ballots;
* Allow only one dropbox per county, even after Ohio courts decided that the limitation was unnecessary;
* Eliminate in-person voting on the Monday before Election Day;
* Prohibit most curbside voting;
* Disenfranchise military voters.