I Will Take “Dinner Invites” for $500

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

QUESTION:  Name the two buffoons who recently went to Mar-A-Lago for dinner with Donald Trump and which cause a firestorm of controversy?

ANSWER:  Who is White Supremacist, Nick Fuentes and anti-Semite, Kanye West (Ye)?

Correct! You just won $500.00!

Can anybody tell me why in the world would Kanye West be best buds with an avowed White supremacist, election denier, Holocaust Denier and a person who spouts racial antagonisms against Black people!

Only someone who is mentally ill and has no working knowledge of Black history would throw in his lot with Nick Fuentes (Google his name for those who are not familiar with his rantings and ravings) and top it off with a visit to the lair of the White Supremacist in Chief, Donald Trump.

Why is it that some people horribly equate being a fat cat with money, with having common sense and a working moral compass?

In the world of Nick Fuentes, the likes of a Kanye West are an anathema to his code of ethics, but mindless Kanye would have him tag along with him to this Trump feedbag.

What is even more credulous is Herr Trump feigning that he does not know who Fuentes is when the firestorm erupted about this planned dinner. Planned? You just do not drop in at Mar-A-Lago and have dinner with Herr Trump. Preparations are made and security is managed before the table linen is set and the crystal glasses are brought out.

Now, only many days later, is the so-called GOP “leadership” waking up and putting their finger to the wind; and discerning that it is best to issue some feigned outrage at this unique dinner party…an avowed racist and a clueless Black man, finding common ground, to wit: hating Jewish people.

Kanye West is crying out for an intervention but who wants to take on his burdensome emotional and mental baggage because in Kanye’s eyes, he, like Trump, sees himself as a genius without a peer.

In real time, we have seen the denigration and groveling of the GOP to the hostage demands of the MAGA minority and unless the stalwarts in the GOP take the Jell-O out of their backsides, things will only get worse since MAGA is on the move for a coup d’etat against Kevin McCarthy who wants to fulfill a lifelong dream of being speaker of the House.

For years, the GOP and its base (not the MAGA portion) turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the antics of Herr Trump because Trump gave them what they lusted after…federal judges and a litany of provable lies that he would make America great again.

However, with this latest debacle from Trump with his now scorned dinner guests, the GOP is sensing there is blood in the water, and they are beginning to believe that this unforgiveable episode is enough cover for them to denounce Trump and still politically survive.

I mean, when Mike Pence, who is the poster boy for being a pushover for all things Trump, states that Trump was wrong in hosting such a dinner party and that he should apologize, you know there is now a disturbance in the force field!

Those in the know stated that when Ye asked Trump to be his running mate in 2024,

Trump blew a gasket and the dinner table mood turned ugly and before long, short goodbyes were said.

Jewish organizations rightfully denounced Trump for this egregious infraction but they refrained from harsher criticism of him due to his so-called favorable policies regarding the turbulent Middle East.

But now, Trump has crossed that line in the sand and with his apparent lack of repudiation of both Fuentes and Ye, he is suffering the scorn of some Jewish backers who now realize that you can only pet a cobra for so long before it tires of you and bites.

There are times when accommodation simply leads to possible debasement and a cheapening of a relationship that was tenuous to begin with.

Kanye West is trying to position himself as a Black Hebrew (Israelite) and wants to reposition people of color to his camp of thinking, but it will not work because Ye is a troubled soul who has already threatened, “DEF CON 3” on the Jewish people.

Such a threat (unable to be actually carried out by Ye) will sound hollow in Christian circles who already know that Jesus is a Semite!

So much for the logic of Ye.

So, where does this leave us? It leaves the weakened GOP trying to get a grip on its unmanageable base while at the same time, trying to give Herr Trump the heave-ho without losing his MAGA supporters.

If there is a split between MAGA and the currently existing GOP, what happens to the yet to be determined GOP nominee if that person is not Trump? If MAGA stays home out of protest due to the way they have treated their savior, Donald Trump, the Democrats waltz into power to the tune of Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This!”

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