Center of Hope Family Services 25th Anniversary

Tracee Perryman with Terrie and Brian Cook

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

On Friday, December 2, 2022, Center of Hope Family Services invited the community to celebrate 25 years of serving the community and also shared plans for the future,

The celebration was held in the new headquarters, 4447 Talmadge Road, suite H in Toledo. Guests enjoyed music, hors d’oeuvre and a tour of the new facility.

“In 1989 we had a trusted vision, we saw people coming into Center of Hope (the church) with a need and saw what serves were there. These are my people, so we must serve them,” said Pastor Donald Perryman, PhD, during a video presentation.

Center of Hope Family Services (COHFS) is a family-led 501(c3) that provides evidenced-based and culturally-responsive programs and services for youth and adults.  Center of Hope programs address access to high quality education, mental wellness services, job readiness, court advocacy and family support.

Center of Hope Family Services CEO Tracee Perryman, PhD, and Board Members Larry Stegall and Reginald Temple

Additionally, during the beginning and throughout the peaks of the COVID pandemic, when schools were teaching students through on-line methods and stores were closed, COHFS addressed those gaps within basic needs. COHFS printed educational packets for students, provided at-home cooking classes, and even provided family-size meal kits among other services.

“We started out providing social services before Center of Hope Family Services was established, because it was offered through the church. The name Center of Hope was selected for the social service programs because it symbolized something uplifting, something different that people could see as a sign. Especially for the people who just needed access to opportunities and were slipping through the cracks,” shared Center of Hope CEO Tracee Perryman. PhD.

During the festivities, Tracee Perryman thanked her family, staff, board, partners and funders for supporting the vision. “Kids are the staying power in this type of industry. Our board get the vision and the community’s needs. Our funders and partners have supported us for years. Like, Greater Toledo Community Foundation, who started working with us in 2007.”

Willetta Perryman, Tracee Perryman, Rev. Donald Perryman

“Center of Hope Family Services and Dr. Tracee Perryman have done phenomenal work in the community and we’re here to support,” shared Keith Burwell, Greater Toledo Community Foundation CEO.

In June 2022 COHFS moved into the new facility and began several construction projects to elevate the programing experience for students. COHFS currently partners with Sylvania Schools, Washington Local Schools, and Toledo Public Schools.

Once all construction projects are completed, COHFS’s facility will offer a bus drop off/pick up location, and ample education enrichment space for each of the partner school district students. COHFS is also in talks with the facility management to purchase additional space in the coming years.

“We expanded into Sylvania and Washington Local Schools already and realized that Lucas County Job & Family Services has an office around the corner from us, so that provides another opportunity to serve more people. We’re still serving the Central City students, especially since the church is still in the Central City,” said Tracee Perryman.

COHFS Leadership: Tracee Perryman, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder; Pastor Donald Perryman, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder; Willetta Perryman, Chief Program Officer and Co-Founder and Randall Clark, Data Management Director. COHFS Board: Fletcher Word, Larry Stegall, Reginald Temple, JacQuelon Wilson and Amanda Goldsmith. For additional information, visit the website