It’s All in the Game

Rev. Donald L. Perryman, D.Min.

By Rev. Donald L. Perryman, Ph.D.
The Truth Contributor

   Little by little, the pimps have taken over the world. They don’t do anything; they don’t make anything – they just stand there and take their cut.                                                                                                                                                 Jean Giraudoux

The extreme tightness of the extended Senate race in Georgia between Rev. Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger, “notorious” former football star Herschel Walker, surprises many.

The race should not be close, given Walker’s glut of missteps.

Walker’s persistent nonsensible responses to basic policy questions suggest that he is unfit for the job. The well-known star also has a “history of violent criminal behavior and inadequately treated dissociative identity disorder, and several children with multiple different women, a fact Walker attempted to hide during his campaign.” Walker also lied about other issues, including graduating from the University of Georgia at the top of his class, even though he left his junior year to play pro football.

On the other hand, Raphael Warnock’s resume and character are impeccable.

The pastor of historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, the same church led by icon Martin Luther King Jr., Warnock graduated cum laude from Morehouse College. He also earned two master’s degrees and a doctorate from Union Theological Seminary. Warnock is a well-respected incumbent of the U.S. Senate noted for working across the aisle to bring tangible benefits to the people of Georgia.

Will the State of Georgia elect a simple-minded Hershel Walker over an imminently qualified Warnock, a progressive known for fighting for the empowerment of Black Georgians and other marginalized groups?

Here are a few factors to consider.

Silence on Black Excellence:

In The Propaganda of History, the final chapter of his book Black Reconstruction, DuBois bemoaned that U.S. history is based on the “unsupported evidence of men who hated and despised Negroes and regarded it as loyalty … to lie, steal or kill to discredit these black folks.”

DuBois asserts that the goal has always been to portray all Negroes as ignorant, lazy, dishonest, and extravagant without disclosing the Black race’s central role in American democracy.

The truth is that Black freedmen furnished 200,000 soldiers in the Civil War who took part in nearly 200 battles and contributed an additional 300,000 other effective laborers and helpers.

In proportion to the population, more Blacks than whites fought in the Civil War. Even President Lincoln said: “Without the military help of Black freedmen, the North could not have one the war against the South.” Yet, these and many other facts were omitted from history or suppressed because they portrayed Blacks as playing a major role in their freedom and not mere recipients of the North’s magnanimous benevolence.

The Eager Stereotype Syndrome:

Keith Reed of The Root portrays Herschel Walker as a Black prop, “willing to play to stereotypes and ignore or make excuses for racism.” Walker and his minstrel show candidacy remind us of another character that harkens back to slavery. Use whatever term for not standing up to racism that comes to your mind. Walker also appears to be thirsty to win the approval of the overwhelmingly white GOP, which he uncritically accepts its goals and values.

Use Me but Give Me My Cut:

Walker appears to have acknowledged that the GOP was “pimping” him. According to NBC News, several conservative groups used Walker’s campaign to raise money from donors to support his Senate seat. However, conservative groups reportedly kept as much as 90 percent of the money raised, funneling “just a dime for every dollar given by small donors,” The Root reports.

Will Georgia elect Herschel Walker, an unqualified Black prop?

The GOP clearly sees Walker as counterpoised to the progressive and amazingly accomplished Warnock.

Yet, the struggle of living in a racist society teaches us that institutions use Blacks against other Blacks as a racial tool to remove those seen as a threat to white ideology or competence.

Nevertheless, this strategy won’t work in the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff.

Every racial demographic except white people overwhelmingly voted for Senator Raphael Warnock in the midterm.

Therefore, knowing that Walker’s candidacy is all a part of the game of cynical racial politics, voters will choose Warnock again in the runoff on December 6.

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