Steps You Can Take to Care for Yourself During the Holidays

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With seasonal stressors like end-of-year work deadlines, gift shopping and hosting potentially weighing on you, plus all those extra sweets and indulgent foods to nibble on, the holiday season may be the happiest time of year, but it’s not always the healthiest. Here’s how to take better care of yourself to feel your best this holiday season.


Protect Your Skin

You may be aware that the more free radicals you have in your body, the more skin damage can accumulate over time. But did you know that exposure can be particularly high during the holiday season? There are a few reasons for this. One is that cooler temperatures are linked to sugar cravings, making sweet treats especially hard to resist at a time of year when there are so many to choose from. Increased sugar intake can boost the production of advanced glycation end products, and ultimately unwanted free radicals. In general, diets high in fat, sugar, and processed foods can contribute to free radical production, as can stress.

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your skin from the inside out during the holidays and beyond. Fernblock PLE (Polypodium leucotomos extract), the natural antioxidant in the dietary supplement Heliocare Daily Use Antioxidant Formula, can help neutralize free radicals and the damage they cause. Dermatologist-recommended, Heliocare aids in eliminating free radicals to help maintain younger-looking, more resilient skin.

“Along with the cheer of the season comes skin hazards,” says New York-based dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian, MD. “But the holiday season is the perfect time to gift your skin additional protection from the damaging effects of free radicals. You can do this by incorporating a supplement like Heliocare into your routine in addition to using a topical broad spectrum sunscreen.”

To learn more, visit (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Heliocare is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


Move Daily

Be sure to take time for yourself each day to receive the combined physical and mental health benefits of movement. Head outdoors for a morning or afternoon walk to get some fresh air, improved blood circulation and some mood-boosting sunlight during the short, dark days of winter. To promote agility, flexibility and relaxation, take a few minutes to unwind with some meditation or gentle yoga.


Practice Healthy Habits

Holiday office parties and family gatherings often involve indulging in the kinds of food and drink that can leave you feeling more dehydrated, bloated and fatigued than you might normally. Counteract these effects by adopting healthy habits now that you can carry into the new year. Drink plenty of water each day, and incorporate decaffeinated green tea, coconut water or smoothies into your routine for added electrolytes. Likewise, get high-quality sleep each night. It’s especially important to do so if you’re burning the candle at both ends. For better shut-eye, avoid caffeine and blue light exposure before bedtime, and keep your bedroom temperature comfortable and consistent.


While it can be hard to set aside time in your schedule when there’s so much to do, a bit of daily self-care is sure to have a restorative effect that helps you refresh, reset and be more focused.

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