CPR Event Hosted at Scott High School

Terry Crosby, Tashara B and Brian Byrd

By Dawn Scotland
The Truth Reporter

The 2nd Annual Community CPR Event was hosted by CC419 at Scott High School in the Ben E. Williams Field House Saturday, November 5th. Hundreds of attendees earned free CPR, FA, & AED certifications for adults, children and infants and received community resources.

The initiative was led by Tashara B., owner of Safety Nest; Toledo Public Safety Director Brian Byrd and Taylor Automotive Family Ambassador Terry Crosby.

“With all the current negativity in our world,” stated Crosby, “this event was a clear indication that when we come together as the people, our communities are stronger and if we choose to stick together we become so much more unified and better making our residence of stay so much more positive, safer and progressive.” He applauded the joint effort of the partners and supporter. “YOU the Community DID THAT.” he wrote on Facebook.

Tashara B. , the visionary behind the initiative, commented on its impact. “We had over 70 people sign up in one day, we saw young kids with diabetes… we had a young lady here who got a wellness check  [and her] blood pressure was too high … There’s not one [registrant] that did not say that their family did not have a history of health issues.”

The aim of the event was to bring awareness and CPR training to an area that is generally overlooked and underserved. The certification will impact the lives of many in emergency situations where every second counts.

Scott High School and its surrounding area was chosen as the site of the inaugural event as well as this year’s.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Team and former Fire Chief Brian Byrd

“There are health disparities [here]…” stated Byrd, “as a result of those health disparities, we have more people in under resourced communities who suffer from cardiac arrests. And we’re less likely to have anybody in these same areas doing bystander CPR prior to the arrival of the EMS.”

“Education is the key,” he emphasized. ”There’s not a lot of people in our communities in the central city who are CPR certified.”

The event welcomed people of all ages and walks of life from students to community members and children. Over 200 people registered and become CPR certified Saturday.

Tashara B, offered a moment of silence for Tasha, a long time supporter and volunteer of the initiative who passed weeks before the event. The group awarded her an honorary volunteer award to her family. “She was someone who inspired me…, said Tashara, “she was one of the first people to help with the initiative.” Tashara spoke highly about the late volunteer’s selfless devotion to the cause and to the community.

The partners and sponsors for the event included but are not limited to Toledo Fire & Rescue, Toledo Police, Safety Nest, Mercy Health, CC419, the Media MudTalk, 103.3fm, BCAN, The Truth, Toledo Fire & Rescue, Toledo Police Department, the Department of Water Utilities, Scott High School, Dr. Carnel  and  Scott and Bowsher Med-Tech Programs.

The group plans to host a third annual next year and expand the program even further.