“My Truth” Did You Do What I asked?

Cheryl Smith IMM Publisher & Editor

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher of I Messenger Media
Texas Metro News

Guest Column

Last year when I attended the inaugural Arlington Showdown, where the Southern Jaguars and the Texas Southern Tigers took to the Gridiron, I talked about the importance of supporting HBCUS. I just love it when I see folks out supporting HBCUs because I love all HBCUs. I also told you to get ready to support the Classic games in 2023.

It was a message specifically for folks within a 300 mile radius of the two HBCU classics coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; however, the message is good for any and everybody, especially you sports fans and those who say they support higher education!

Which brings me to my truth.

I have a few tips for alums who are not supporting their schools. And yes there are more ways to support than attending a football game; however, support is support. HBCU alums, here’s what I want you to do for me!

  • Start saving two dollars a week — then you can buy tickets for two to least one game (anything over, donate it, or put toward your alumni dues
  • Even if you only attended one semester, join the alumni association
  • If you feel compelled to ask for donated tickets, make an outright donation to the school
  • If you can, buy tickets for some high school students
  • Get your company/corporation to sign on as a corporate sponsor
  • When you purchase tickets from Williams Chicken, at least get a two piece and a pepper or some corn fritters
  • Support the vendors who purchase booths and travel annually to these classics
  • Attend the games even if your teams are not playing!
  • Support Black-owned businesses
  • Support those businesses that support HBCUs
  • Call out the hotels and businesses that practice price gouging And

Go out, have a good time, be safe and start the process all over again! Do this every year, increasing your savings by a dollar each year. This is just a simple way to begin a process that could be so beneficial for so many!