School Is Back in Session for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

On Monday, August 22, dozens of prominent community men greeted students of the Martin Luther King Jr Academy for Boys on the first day of school and, minutes later, a few blocks away, dozens of prominent women welcomed the students’ return to Ella P. Stewart Academy for Girls.

The enthusiasm at both schools was contagious, spreading from adults to the youngsters, although the tone of the receptions differed. The boys were greeted with handshakes and fist bumps, smiles and words of encouragement. The girls were greeted by balloons, cheers and a raucous celebration.

The welcome ceremonies are not the only time many of the community members will be interacting with the students. Quite a few will be directly mentoring young charges within these school walls or participating in student assistance activities with a variety of social and professional groups.