It’s Rock’em, Sock’em Time!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

The battle lines have been drawn. The gloves are off. Each contestant is in his corner. The cut man has his Vaseline out, ready for the pending bruising. The referee is gloved and ready for the Battlers to come to the center of the ring.

In the raucous stands, the fervent partisan crowds are churning the air like an injured bull in a ring.

Yes, America has come to this: blows and jabs on each other over

the blatant criminal acts of Herr Trump in absconding with classified documents to his lair at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

Trump, ever defiant of the law and constitutional norms and thinking he is above the law, took, without right or permission and as a private citizen, classified documents on his exit out of the White House.

Now, the Department of Justice, being the referee in the fight of the MAGA cult and the “other” Americans who are now captives to this legal brawl, took the needed but unprecedented step of having the FBI obtain a legal and valid search warrant to retrieve the sequestered documents from the grasp of Trump.

Trump knew or should have known that he was committing a crime when he took 15 boxes of non-privileged papers from the White House; and under the pretext that they were his to keep as mementos of his inglorious White House stay.

Merrick Garland, the head of the DOJ, had no choice but to enforce the law against private citizen, Donald Trump. For him to fail to do so would be an indelible stain against the DOJ for not enforcing the laws against all violators.

From the screams and howls of the GOP and the sycophants who comprise the Trump cult party (f.n.a: The GOP) you would have thought that their grandmothers were being fried in hot Crisco oil!

To date, none of the GOP shrills have mentioned the necessity of the DOJ doing its job to enforce the laws but rather their

screed is that the DOJ is committing a witch hunt against their savior and king.

The GOP blowhards are literally foaming at the mouth in their effort to spew forth their vitriol that Dear Leader Trump is being railroaded to prevent him from running for president, again.

The rule of the law is of no consequence to them. Their only concern is that Dear Leader Trump is being required to play by the rules that everyone else of lesser mortal status must adhere to.

If you take a glancing peek at right wing media, there are calls to arms and for mobilization to take on the Deep State and the radical left-wing Democrats who, in their twisted thinking, are behind this nefarious plot to deny them a chance to crown Donald Trump as President for Life!

If the fascists want to overrun the Capitol and cram the airways with their fantasies of blood in the streets because the law is being enforced, so be it…but it will be at a huge incalculable price of the American image of democracy being irreversibly altered for the worse; and Trump could not be more gleeful at this.

The overwhelming evidence that has been piling up against Trump via the January 6th Commission hearings and the information that is “leaked” out about what is happening in the Georgia and New York cases against Trump, does not matter to the MAGA crowd and the Trump Party.

Their vision of what America should look like and act like is a LIE made in the image of Trump and his machinations that only he knows what is good for the commonweal.

So what, that the FBI searched his house? It is as if the FBI agents should look the other way while Trump rubs their noses in his criminality. When Merrick Garland said no person is above the law, the MAGA crowd acted as if they were personally violated by the search warrant.

Of course, Trump has already started to fund raise from his image of being a hapless victim of an FBI out of control (of course he does not say that he appointed the current FBI director!) and of course his base, unable to read even at a second-grade level, will respond with big bucks for the grifter.

Don’t count on anyone from the church or religious community to sprinkle any salve on these fresh wounds because many of them also have been morally and spiritually compromised due to their gone a’whoring after other gods and specifically the god of Donald Trump whom they have casted in their own wretched image.

American society is at a crossroads with the bruhaha over this search warrant and its complications of people respecting the rule of law, or not.

As such, the midterms will be tantamount to a referendum on where we go, or not go, as a society. Either irreparably fractured or a realization that Trump has played so many people with these lies, that truth must be held in high esteem, or all is lost.

For without the polestar of truth, each man is a king and a law unto himself or herself; and the greater good of all and for all is lost in the mayhem of each side mercilessly drubbing the other because each cannot get their own way.

Trump relishes the angst and horrific mistrust of government he has nurtured and cultivated for years with the GOP and he is hoping that it is enough to land him back in the White House.


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