Toledoans United for Social Action – We Care, We Serve Project

Special to The Truth

Toledo United for Social U (TUSA) have spent the past few weeks visiting area churches on weekends to advocate for the movement to put an end to the violence that is wracking so many urban areas these days, Toledo being no exception.

Partnering with various local organizations, such as the Corvette Club, Moms House, Lucas County Head for Violence, to name a few, and led by faith-based leaders, TUSA aims to set an example to youth about finding fellowship and community through positive engagement.

The way to achieve that goal, say TUSA leaders, is to increase positive adult presence which has been shown to act as a deterrent against negative behaviors – even violence.

Another goal of the We Care We Serve Project is to increase the spread of information, regarding programming and family support initiatives that are taking place and available to local families 0 information dissemination is one of intervention strategies identified by The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).

According to the Project, there has been success with community-based interventions in Toledo in the summer of 2021 resulting in a decrease in incidents, when community volunteers stepped in to address violence at parks and pools.

TUSA brought the Project to the Parkwood Seventh Day Adventist on Saturday, July 16; to St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday, July 23; to Glass City Church of Christ on Saturday, July 30 and will be at Mt. Ararat on August 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.