Third ShotSpotter Zone Launching to Combat Gun Violence in Toledo

Special to The Truth

A third ShotSpotter Zone went live in Toledo at 1:00 PM on July 28, 2022 to continue helping combat the increasing problem of gun violence. ShotSpotter first launched in Toledo in June of 2019 in the Lagrange Street Corridor area. From its inception in Toledo to April 17, 2021, ShotSpotter alerts alone (with no associated 911 call) have resulted in 115 guns being taken off the streets and 151 arrests.

The location of the new ShotSpotter Zone was determined using crime data and is located in East Toledo. It was paid for through a grant from the American Rescue Plan Act. ShotSpotter will continue to help Toledo police by alerting them to gunshots in neighborhoods of which approximately 80% are not reported to 911. ShotSpotter enables officers to respond strategically, assist victims of gun violence more quickly, and improve evidence collection.

ShotSpotter uses acoustic sensors to detect and locate gunshots using triangulation. The information is then relayed to ShotSpotter’s 24/7 Incident Review Center for confirmation that the sounds are gunshots, then relayed to the 911 Call Center for dispatchers to send officers. This entire process takes less than 60 seconds and has a 97% aggregate accuracy rate.

The real-time alerts notify police precisely when and where gun incidents occur, resulting in a faster, more accurate response to the scene to better recover evidence, interview witnesses, and attend to gunshot victims. The overall goal is to reduce gun violence and improve the safety of the community.